Legislation Can Be Funny, Too

by Andrew Fiouzi All the ‘joke bills’ meant to prove a point In March, Democratic Texas State Representative Jessica Farrar proposed a bill that would fine men $100 for masturbating unless they did so during a sanctioned session at a hospital or clinic. The “Man’s Right to Know Act” was meant to highlight how women have been targeted by health-care legislation in Texas, particularly relating to abortion. Farrar said the rules in her proposal — including a mandatory waiting period before receiving a vasectomy or Viagra prescription, as well as a “medically unnecessary digital rectal exam” — mirror “real TX laws and health care restrictions faced … Continue reading Legislation Can Be Funny, Too

Why You’re Addicted to Your Phone

Photo by Warren Wong | https://tricy.cl/2qmsNUN The nonstop novelty of cell phones distracts us from the true root of our suffering. By Kurt Spellmeyer Kurt Spellmeyer is a Zen priest and directs the Cold Mountain Sangha in New Jersey. He teaches English at Rutgers University and is the author of Buddha at the Apocalypse: Awakening from a Culture of Destruction. About two years ago, I lost my phone. Waiting at Newark International Airport, I heard the cancellation of my Chicago flight, closed down by a blizzard. I took out my phone to call home, but then I learned about another plane, … Continue reading Why You’re Addicted to Your Phone

Is Consciousness Fractal?

FRACTAL SPLATTERS: Jackson Pollock’s art concealed a fractal dimension that increased as he aged.Namuth Hans / Getty Images Our subconscious love for fractals may tell an evolutionary story. BY JORDANA CEPELEWICZ In one way, Jackson Pollock’s mathematics was ahead of its time. When the reclusive artist poured paint from cans onto vast canvases laid out across the floor of his barn in the late 1940s and early 1950s, he created splatters of paint that seemed completely random. Some interpretations saw them as a statement about the futility of World War II, others as a commentary on art as experience rather … Continue reading Is Consciousness Fractal?