Alain de Botton on Infatuation

Illustration from the vintage Danish primer An ABZ of Love “The only people who can still strike us as normal are those we don’t yet know very well.” BY MARIA POPOVA “An honorable human relationship … in which two people have the right to use the word ‘love,’” the poet Adrienne Rich memorably wrote, “is a process, delicate, violent, often terrifying to both persons involved, a process of refining the truths they can tell each other.” But too often, we mistake for love feelings rooted in the pleasant untruths of delusion — about ourselves, or the other, or the possibility … Continue reading Alain de Botton on Infatuation


by Zen Gardener, Guest Waking Times The concept of judgement has many meanings but there are two basic types as I see it so far. One is a very necessary operational function whereby we make continual choices – what to think, speak, and decide upon for personal adaptation and decision making. The other is a more polarizing determination in the heart or mind by which we classify, categorize and even label external ideas, situations and people in a more static sense. These can blend into a mix that’s difficult to unwind, never mind untether from our egoic selves and operational identities … Continue reading THE MIRROR AND THE CHOICE

It Doesn’t Matter if You’re ‘Punching Above Your Weight’ in a Relationship

Is one of you hotter? Who cares? by Tracy Moore Are you dating someone much hotter than you? Or are you keenly aware that you’re better-looking than your partner? Do people stop you on the street to ask you how you landed such a smokin’ catch, or do they look pityingly at you after they get a look at your homely partner’s ugly mug? If so, you may be punching above or below your weight, a phenomenon that describes mismatched attractiveness between two people who, god knows why, still want to sleep with each other. One of you got really, really … Continue reading It Doesn’t Matter if You’re ‘Punching Above Your Weight’ in a Relationship