by Zen Gardener, Guest Waking Times

The concept of judgement has many meanings but there are two basic types as I see it so far. One is a very necessary operational function whereby we make continual choices – what to think, speak, and decide upon for personal adaptation and decision making. The other is a more polarizing determination in the heart or mind by which we classify, categorize and even label external ideas, situations and people in a more static sense. These can blend into a mix that’s difficult to unwind, never mind untether from our egoic selves and operational identities we take upon ourselves, but it’s very doable.

The fascinating aspect of this is very similar to language. Judgement, like words, can either be empowering and liberating or very deleterious to our spiritual condition as well as those around us. This is especially true regarding those whom we deem to “judge” if we project such low vibrational information to others via thoughts and resultant words and actions. But much more so it affects our own spirits which we emanate, thus leading to attachment to similar low vibrational energetic “clusters”.

The Mirror and the Choice

“When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.” – Earl Nightingale

The incredibly empowering and liberating aspect of a detached observation of ourselves in this process resides within one simple understanding. Everything we perceive is a mirror of our own created reality, including any external or shared realities we’ve chosen to accept and adopt. It’s all choices. There’s nothing external to “blame”; we choose the reality in which we live.

The agreed upon denser and darker collective “reality” is simply a group energetic construct, and again a reflection of individual consciousness’ who’ve agreed upon something that appears “convincing” or “believable” in some way, shape or form, thus “solidifying” it in a sense. Although we’re inherently much more enlightened and aware and capable as beings that have access to true reality in several dimensions, being born here in a 3D reality it is very easy to identify with this lower destiny framework and thus forget who we truly are.

We chose this challenge, and we were very adventurous and courageous to do so. We accepted the challenge of separation knowing it would be a struggle to live in forgetfulness and then to truly awaken and remember who we are. This is the thrill of being on this amazing planet, a very special experience to be savored and enjoyed to the maximum. When we remember this is simply an experience, a sort of adventure or test to come here and go through all of this, everything becomes extremely clear.

Polarity, or dualism, is illusory from the standpoint of our true nature within much more profound realities, yet it exists here for our learning. The difference between the dark and the light provides contrast in which we are able to discern the workings of this 3D construct, as well as the forces that manipulate it. But we’re not to dwell on that continually, but to let our true nature supersede this experience and thus help bring the overall energy to a much higher dimension.

All energy seeks to expand – – as the light, so the dark. Each collects according to what vibrates or resonates in tune with it, due to lessons to be learned by those with that proclivity or fascination for the workings of lower dimensional power and control games. Again, all to be learned from individually, whether due to some form of karmic or fractal resolution, or simply new hurdles to learn and grow from.

We’re Here to Learn and Remember

Even more than seeing these machinations for what they are, we are learning about ourselves by what draws us or gets its grip on us. Much of the trauma we’ve experienced being born and raised in this 3D reality appears to be inescapable – whether it was parental abuse and neglect which led to a lifetime of related traumas that need understanding and undoing, or later compounded stages of issues that developed due to the earlier years of contamination. It’s all a mirror to learn from and thus release collected energies that are holding us back…



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