Looking Inward to Live in Harmony

Photo by Andras Kovacs | https://tricy.cl/2rsg9Fd Buddhist teacher and scholar Andrew Olendzki breaks down historical lessons from the Buddha on how to get along with others, confront difficult emotions, and live together peacefully. By Wendy Joan Biddlecombe The underlying cause of conflict isn’t an enemy or adverse conditions—it’s a thorn lodged within our own heart and mind. This radical notion from the historical Buddha’s teachings comes with a 2,600-year-old method for dislodging that thorn: by cultivating healthy mind states and changing our inner attitudes and responses, we can transform strife into peace. Below, Buddhist scholar and teacher Andrew Olendzki, who … Continue reading Looking Inward to Live in Harmony

A Sex Guide for People Whose Partners Won’t Go Down on Them

The latest installment of our series The ‘Normal’ Couples’ Guide to Sex by Lynsey G  Not ecstatic about your current sex life? Don’t have hours every day attempting to decipher all the sanskrit in the Kama Sutra? Unable to bankroll a shopping spree (or a single purchase for that matter) at Jimmyjane? Here’s a sex help guide for you, fellow regular human who wants to be better in bed. The Person Tracy, Raleigh, North Carolina Age: 31 Goal: To get her boyfriend to give her oral sex and more orgasms in general The Sex Situation: “I’m seeing a man who’s 18 … Continue reading A Sex Guide for People Whose Partners Won’t Go Down on Them

The orgasm cure

image edited by WI – Photo by Antoine d’Agata/MagnumPhotos What if we could expand ecstasy, reduce stress and lift depression, all by delaying and extending orgasm? by Peter von Ziegesar is an American writer and filmmaker. His writing has been published in The Huffington Post, The New York Times and The New York Times Magazine, among others. He is also the author of the memoir The Looking Glass Brother(2014). He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Perhaps 40 of us, an equal number of men and women, sat on rows of folding metal chairs in a high-ceilinged room in the ground floor … Continue reading The orgasm cure