Can We See A Bubble If We’re Inside The Bubble?

by Tyler Durden Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, We want this time to be different so badly, we can almost taste it. If you visit San Francisco, you will find it difficult to walk more than a few blocks in central S.F. without encountering a major construction project. It seems that every decrepit low-rise building in the city has been razed and is being replaced with a gleaming new residential tower. Parking lots have been ripped up and are now sprouting condos and luxury rental flats. This boom is not overly surprising, given the centrality of San … Continue reading Can We See A Bubble If We’re Inside The Bubble?

Why Trees Are The Ultimate Meditation Teachers

Photo by Eric Parks | In Buddhism, trees have long been recognized as living things worthy of recognition and protection. By Lauren Krauze Last April, my morning meditation was interrupted by the sounds of whirring chainsaws and clamoring trucks. When I stepped to the window, I noticed three men from the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation standing around a large oak tree on the sidewalk in front of my apartment. At first, I thought they were trimming the branches. As I watched them saw off larger and larger sections, I realized they were cutting down the … Continue reading Why Trees Are The Ultimate Meditation Teachers

The bloodstained leveller

  image edited by Web Investigator Throughout history, plagues and wars have left greater equality in their wake. Can we get there again without bloodshed? by Walter ScheidelĀ is Dickason professor in the humanities, professor of classics and history, and a Catherine R Kennedy and Daniel L Grossman fellow in human biology, as well as director of graduate studies in classics, all at Stanford University in California. His latest book is The Great Leveller (2017). Blame inequality on climate change. Until the end of the last Ice Age, some 12,000 years ago, our ancestors lived in small foraging groups. They moved … Continue reading The bloodstained leveller