New York Under Water

ILLUSTRATION BY STEPHAN MARTINIERE Science-fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson paints a vivid picture of life in New York City after the sea level rises more than 50 feet, drowning lower Manhattan and creating a forest of skyscrapers in his new book, New York 2140. Your future commute to work is on a boat. BY KIM STANLEY ROBINSON 1 Numbers often fill my head. While waiting for my building’s morose super to free my Jesus bug from the boathouse rafters where it had spent the night, I was looking at the little waves lapping in the big doors and wondering if the … Continue reading New York Under Water

‘Here we are all the same’

Photo by Tim Dirven/Panos The US Constitution guaranteed freedom of religion, but the fight for religious equality was only just beginning by Richard D Brown is a board of trustees distinguished professor of history, emeritus, at the University of Connecticut. His latest book is Self-Evident Truths: Contesting Equal Rights from the Revolution to the Civil War (2017). He lives in eastern Connecticut. The age of revolution brought an enlightened political ideology to the modern world. Among its many achievements, none faces greater global challenges than freedom of religion. Today, it seems almost unthinkable that any deeply religious people, whether in the Middle East … Continue reading ‘Here we are all the same’


by Paul A. Philips, Guest  Waking Times No, this is not something out of the X-Files and nor are the implications. Researchers at the American biotech firm Bioquark are working on a pioneering stem cell methodology that they think will give life to brain-dead patients. In light of this research, there are the inevitable ethical implications when considering raising people from the dead. Besides this, bear in mind the ruling elite want immortality but they also want world depopulation. So it would be unlikely that they would allow any genuinely successful technology that gives life to the dead to be made publicly available. … Continue reading BIOTECH FIRM CLAIMS NEW MEDICAL RESEARCH WILL GIVE LIFE TO THE DEAD