How to Obfuscate

What misinformation on Twitter and radar have in common. BY FINN BRUNTON & HELEN NISSENBAUM During World War II, a radar operator tracks an airplane over Hamburg, guiding searchlights and anti-aircraft guns in relation to a phosphor dot whose position is updated with each sweep of the antenna. Abruptly, dots that seem to represent airplanes begin to multiply, quickly swamping the display. The actual plane is in there somewhere, impossible to locate owing to the presence of “false echoes.”1 The plane has released chaff—strips of black paper backed with aluminum foil and cut to half the target radar’s wavelength. Thrown … Continue reading How to Obfuscate

Why Grief Is A Series of Contractions and Expansions

Photo by Josh Adamski | A Zen priest and bereavement educator explains the importance of sticking with our pain and other difficult emotions so we can come out on the other side. By Joanne Cacciatore Grief is a process of expansion and contraction that takes place over and over again. Within this model, contraction is not wrong or bad; contraction need not be halted or controlled. Contraction is necessary for expansion—and thus, contraction is itself part of expansion. A contraction of grief occurs when our attention and energy are pulled inward, our surroundings made smaller perhaps because, in this particular … Continue reading Why Grief Is A Series of Contractions and Expansions