Frida Kahlo on the Meanings of the Colors

From the color of madness and mystery to that of distance and tenderness.

More than a century after Goethe’s theoretical inquiry into the emotional hues of colorFrida Kahlo (July 6, 1907–July 13, 1954) contemplated the question from a far more intuitive place in a fragment from The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait (public library) — the treasure trove that gave us the visionary Mexican painter’s DIY paint recipe, her ferocious political convictions, and her stunning handwritten love letters to Diego Rivera.

Early in her journal, the young Kahlo inscribes a lyrical stream-of-consciousness meditation on the symbolism of different colors inspired by an assortment of colored pencils at her desk. Picking them up one by one, each “sharpened to the point of infinity,” she writes out the symbolic association of a color with the respective pencil onto the notebook page.

Page from Frida Kahlo’s diary

I’ll try out the pencils
sharpened to the point of infinity
which always sees ahead:

Green — good warm light

Magenta — Aztec. old TLAPALI
blood of prickly pear, the
brightest and oldest

[Brown —] color of mole, of leaves becoming

[Yellow —] madness sickness fear
part of the sun and of happiness

[Blue —] electricity and purity love

[Black —] nothing is black — really nothing

[Olive —] leaves, sadness, science, the whole
of Germany is this color

[Yellow —] more madness and mystery
all the ghosts wear
clothes of this color, or at
least their underclothes

[Dark blue —] color of bad advertisements
and of good business

[Blue —]distance. Tenderness
can also be this blue

Nearly a century later, Rebecca Solnit would write her own lyrical meditation on blue as the color of distance and desire.

Complement The Diary of Frida Kahlo with the beloved artist on how love amplifies beauty, the beautiful letter she wrote to Georgia O’Keeffe after the American painter was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown, and this illustrated tribute to her life and legacy, then revisit Goethe’s graphically daring diagrams of color perception.



by Zen Gardner, Contributor Waking Times

Mankind is an experiment. No experiment can go wrong as they are simply experiments. We exist in a conscious universe, one of innumerable coexisting universes. Since the creative universe is conscious we know intention is involved. A sequence of choices or agreements were made of some fashion to bring this world and our habitation of it into being. This includes our own willing agreement since we too are fractals of eternal consciousness in a loving Universe.

The experiment on our planet and perhaps others in our Universe is to see what would happen when an infinitely gifted awareness with free will was dropped into a lower density existence where it experiences limitation and a temporary forgetfulness of its true state. What would this race respond to? How would it react? What would it do, with the added gift of Gaia as its beautiful home?

This wasn’t an accident or trick by any means. We were given the choice whether to take on this challenge or not. We’re here by free will, despite our having temporarily forgotten that element. Had we remembered from the outset it would not have been a pure experiment, nor real test. We took on this adventure willingly, knowing it would lead to greater growth and understanding for our eternal selves as well as that of others and all of creation. The later waves of us also knew this was something of a rescue mission to see if we could turn things around, as humanity up to then as well as now had made a right mess of things and not developed as they could have.

Universe is continually expanding. As its nature is consciousness, so awareness of itself is continually expanding through its various creations, be they planets or beings of any kind. Newness, new creations, new realms are continually being born. Creation never stops. Expansion is what every level of vibration or energetic frequency seeks, even the lower, dark ones. It’s the nature-al process of being. This is why inspiration and creativity are intrinsically connected, as well as happiness and true fulfillment in the moment, which is timeless.

Fear is the false awareness of separation. It creates its own frequency fence that self reinforces the lower density structure. It manifests in many forms from survival concerns to psychological and spiritual mechanisms that induce paralysis and constraint. That illusion is strong and one of the main hurdles to overcome during our tenure here. Learning to manage our emotions and what drives them is another as they can so easily be misguided and energetically as well as socially manipulated.

Data Receivers and Retrievers

Notice how learning, experiencing and even consuming are natural to our form of being. We’re continually processing. Sometimes in futile loops without learning the true nature of things, but very often in an effort to understand how everything works, and why. This is why. We’re contributing to the Universe discovering itself energetically, from the simplest things to what we might consider breakthrough concepts and ideas. The irony is that they’re all already there to simply be dis-covered. Our hunger and thirst for true knowledge is seemingly insatiable due to its infinite, open ended potential, making our experience a thrill when we’re on the right track.

As we all experience, we receive information in many forms. Some is purely mental input as a form of natural science mechanism discoveries, while other data comes via intuition and other senses we are waking up to the nature of more and more. Either way, we’re continually processing what we receive, while at the same time we’re sending data back to Source like transceivers as Universe expands. We’re like roving landing vehicles in and on a strange land constantly analyzing information which is continually relayed back to where we originated. There is a vast amount of knowledge we have yet to gain regarding this process, but that’s enough to remind us why we’re here, amongst other things.

Dark and Light

It’s all the nature of the expansion of all things. The negative oriented forces do the same, seeking expansion in a misguided form by dominion over others to capture their energy for themselves. It’s part of the process that is allowed due to free will and a choice an apparent few make, for whatever reason. Some may not be of us and from other dimensions and part of the test here, yet it’s the same energetic principle.  Nothing is inherently evil in that sense. All is energy seeking expansion. But what choice is made will determine if that energetic force will reach back to Source voluntarily or force itself to be recycled and miss the ecstasy of true energetic growth.

This is why fixating on the negative that has been allowed to propagate is only giving that energy more sustenance. The only answer to the negative is to not feed it with attention or intention but to increase the positive, raising the standard high by energetic influence and example to others. The lower density field is one of conflict and draws anything it can into it, however well meaning, thereby reinforcing polarity which increases its energetic influence. The dualistic field of contest and conflict throughout society is a clear manifestation of this.


Darkness is a form of shadow energy. It copies natural energy laws, but only in lower dimensions. It cannot even grasp higher dimensional existence never mind do anything about it. All it can do is try to prevent others from tuning into and eventually moving into those higher frequencies by its very low dimensional, dense vibratory nature.

The dark cannot coexist with light – it simply ceases to exist where there is true light. This is why that energetic level manifests fear which gives a heightened sense of separation from our true source, which in turn disempowers in order to contain what it needs to reinforce itself. Attachment to these dark mechanisms, either with or against them, only feeds this cycle. Once we realize this simple truth the game changes – drastically – individually and collectively.

We’re simply becoming aware of what always has been. And it’s amazingly wonderful!

Love, Zen

About the Author

Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst the entrenched alternative pundits.


You Should Jerk Off at Least 21 Times a Month

And four other things we learned about our bodies this week

by Nick Leftley

The human body: An inspiring biological work of art? Or a meaty sack of germs and fluids? Either way, there’s still a lot we don’t know about what goes on in there — and scientists are constantly attempting to find out more. Here are the most interesting things they’ve discovered about our bodies in the last seven days:

You Need to Blow Your Load at Least 21 Times a Month

According to a Harvard study cited by the ever-reliable Daily Mail, ejaculating at least 21 times a month is the best defense against prostate cancer, significantly reducing its likelihood even compared to men who ejaculate four to seven times a month. Although there’s no unanimous agreement on why this is, it’s likely that regularly draining the prostate — now there’s an unsexy euphemism! — gets rid of those pesky carcinogens in your sperm (yes, your sperm is carcinogenic, sorry). Those without a partner willing to help them climax that often need not worry: The study also found that there was no difference in men who orgasmed with a partner and those who went solo.

Reefer Madness Is a Real Thing After All

A new study from the University of Montreal’s department of psychiatry claims that regularly smoking weed as an adolescent — that is, smoking nearly every day — increases your likelihood of “recurrent, psychotic-like experiences” by 159 percent. These episodes were defined as, “experiences of perceptual aberration, ideas with unusual content and feelings of persecution,” which for some people, pretty much describes the experience of smoking weed in the first place.

Women’s Brains Work Just Fine at All Times of the Month

Inspired by patients who claimed their menstrual cycles were causing their brains to work more slowly than usual, psychotherapist and reproductive specialist Professor Brigitte Leeners decided to investigate. Her team found no evidence of this: The monthly deluge of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, they claim, have “no impact on your working memory, cognitive bias or ability to pay attention to two things at once.” Leeners does stress, however, that this is just a first step, and that it requires a further, uh, period of study.

Just Wearing Clothes Is Polluting the Ocean

In today’s edition of, “Well, Shit, Everything Is Going to Kill Us”: Research from the University of Leeds in Britain has found that every time you put garments made from plastics — which includes all polyester and acrylics — into the washing machine, they shed thousands of plastic fibers, each about the width of a human hair, which go down the drain and, eventually, into the ocean. A single load, in fact, is enough to produce 140,000 fibers from polyester-cotton blends; around 500,000 from regular polyester; and more than 700,000 from acrylics. You win this round, nudists.

Needles to Say, the New Jab-Free Vaccination Is an Improvement

For those terrified of getting their flu shots, take heart knowing that a replacement is being worked on. Essentially a modified Band-Aid, the underside of the experimental device contains 100 tiny micro needles that painlessly enter the skin when the patch is applied. These do the same job as a standard vaccination, but without the pain or, even more importantly, the effort, since this is something people would ideally be able to buy at the pharmacy and administer themselves (although it might be a few years before we see them in the wild). In the meantime, you can entertain yourself by thinking about how this will help to make vaccinations more widespread and commonplace, and how angry this will make the likes of shrieking anti-vax hate-goblin Jenny McCarthy. It really is a positive all around.