How to Live with Death

Illustration from Cry, Heart, But Never Break, a remarkable Danish illustrated meditation on love and loss Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips on how Darwin and Freud reframed our mortality as an organizing principle of human life. BY MARIA POPOVA Our lifelong struggle to learn how to live is inseparable from two facts only: that of our mortality and that of our dread of it, dread with an edge of denial. Half a millennium ago — a swath of time strewn with the lives and deaths of everyone who came before us — Montaigne captured this paradox in his magnificent meditation on death and the … Continue reading How to Live with Death

I attend, therefore I am

An art student paints a picture for a school exhibition. 1961. Photo by Eve Arnold/Magnum You are only as strong as your powers of attention, and other uncomfortable truths about the self by Carolyn Dicey Jennings is assistant professor of philosophy and cognitive science at University of California, Merced. Her research has been published in Synthese, Journal of the American Philosophical Association, Consciousness & Cognition, and Journal of Consciousness Studies. She lives in Merced. You have thoughts, feelings and desires. You remember your past and imagine your future. Sometimes you make a special effort, other times you are content to simply relax. All of these things … Continue reading I attend, therefore I am