Ingenious: Jack Gilbert

image edited by Web Investigator  The professor of surgery explains how health emerges from a healthy microbiome. BY REGAN PENALUNA When I ask Jack Gilbert about the future of medicine, he tells me what he recommends to his graduate students before they head into surgery, “When you go to cut someone open, you don’t just have one patient on the gurney. You have 40 trillion patients, and you have to think of how your actions are going to affect them.” Those trillions of patients are microorganisms, communities of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and in some unhappy cases—pathogens. But they’re not all … Continue reading Ingenious: Jack Gilbert

Entering The Realm of Tranquility

Most are looking for a state of tranquility. by Soren Dreier Author: Soren Dreier Could it be that we are looking for something that has already found us? That very delicate, celestial room inside that seems to enforce our sense of connection, both out in this world (horizontal) and mostly our spiritual connection to whatever we perceive as celestial (vertical). I have touched upon ‘stretching’ emotions before, so that what we experience emotionally can transcend into a state of mind. Emotion comes and goes; that’s why many call them illusions. If we can pin them, we can stretch them into a … Continue reading Entering The Realm of Tranquility


by Cameron S. Bigger, Contributor Waking Times What if I told you the people creating, pricing and selling us our groceries are the same people in-charge of researching, developing, dispensing, and promoting our most popular prescription medications? Is it just bad luck or coincidence that in 2017 an American has a heart attack every single 34 seconds, while another has a stroke every 40 seconds? Is it just dumb-luck that over 37.7% of the U.S. population is currently obese, while 34% of the U.S. population has high blood pressure, with over 23.4 million Americans now suffering from diabetes? Well, these are most … Continue reading CERBERUS CAPITAL – THE DIABOLICAL PURVEYORS OF CHEAP FOOD AND EXPENSIVE PHARMACEUTICALS