Entering The Realm of Tranquility

Most are looking for a state of tranquility.

by Soren Dreier
Author: Soren Dreier

Could it be that we are looking for something that has already found us? That very delicate, celestial room inside that seems to enforce our sense of connection, both out in this world (horizontal) and mostly our spiritual connection to whatever we perceive as celestial (vertical).

I have touched upon ‘stretching’ emotions before, so that what we experience emotionally can transcend into a state of mind. Emotion comes and goes; that’s why many call them illusions. If we can pin them, we can stretch them into a feel and the feel will settle and become a state of mind.

The feel of tranquility needs to be enforced by the same technique.

When we enter the realm of tranquility most would probably find that tranquility is triggered from the outside. An emotion of safety will rise due to outside circumstances. That can be a meditation retreat, that can be the safety in relationships or it can be nature, as in the healing gift of nature, that sends us into the zone of tranquility.

If the outside gives us the emotion, the feel of tranquility, it would mean that the same feel of tranquility is object oriented.

That is how we function and get to know this world, by deciphering, analyzing and becoming familiar with the world we are in and it is the very first steps, very necessary steps, in childhood. It is the programming we are exposed to as children and if we weren’t we wouldn’t be able to maneuver this world.

“This is round and its brown” – would be a way to describe a ball to a child. Learning shape and color of an object. This is mum and this is dad. This is sweet and this is sour and so on. We are object oriented and we have to know the objects and their nature in order to master them.

It makes a fluid world seem firm and it strengthens our position in it, because we learn to define ourselves within the definition of our surroundings.

Later we have to throw away vast parts of that programming or social conditioning and that can be very, very difficult since our idea of self is built around our ability to object orientate. If that is not present in childhood, we are lost. Obviously, a lot of false, emotionally biased programming steps in and that would be our teachers such as parents, friends, family, childcare system: “This person is black and not of the same stellar quality as a white person, and we do not like blacks.”

So, the genuine conditioning would leave emotions out of it and only decode the physical world to the child and not its biases based on prejudice.

When Ceaușescu in Romania fell from power, international helpers stepped into the foster care and children’s homes, where they found thousands of children confined in small beds as old as 10 years who hadn’t had any stimuli whatsoever into their tactile sense (touch) and knew nothing, and had no words for anything that surrounded them because nobody taught them what the objects were.

Needless to say, these children, born with a perfect brain, acted like they were severely brain damaged, had noises for language and could easily be mistaken for severely disabled. That this stuff goes on in so many countries still, is truly, truly sad.

I once visited a Greek insane asylum where the inmates, they couldn’t be called patients since they were chained out in the brutal Greek sunlight all day, were given a metal container with some baked beans as the highlight of the day, and brutally beaten if they acted out. Yes, Greece has had many warnings about this, still doesn’t care, and it was well before austerity kicked in.

If somebody cares to teach others about the world even down to “This is hot and this is cold,” it seems like an act of mercy. That’s the world we live in. Animals are kinder than that to each other, since they know they have to teach their kids in order to survive.

My point also being:

The more we know of this world, the better we can maneuver in it, and when we know the world and its objects, we can throw that knowledge away and become fluid again, since we know that the same world we see is a result of often biased conditioning and false statements.

The biggest one being:

This world is firm, as in Physically firm. No, it is not, it’s a quantum field that appears solid in our realm of dimensions, which would be 3D reality. Same Matrix with the concept of time. Concept of time has to be in a 3D world since it defines the 3D and vice versa.

That is probably why the System is so keen on teaching us the clock as soon as possible, which is both practical for obvious reasons and later it becomes an uninteresting Matrix, but we can still show up in time or deliver on a deadline and show up at the airport in order to catch our flight.

So we can decide independently, out of that programming, when it is important for us to take time in as an authority in our lives. Something we need to be aware of, or we will get nowhere. Being too dependent on time, we start seeing it as a control mechanism that the System uses.

Time is merely digits – nothing else.

When we truly understand that example, not only intellectually but emotionally, we can break the prison of time and in the space between the ticking of the clock, tranquility can kick in, simply because we are not haunted by time anymore…




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