Confronting Death and Dharma at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery

Photo courtesy of Green-Wood Cemetery Can we shift our perspective on the reality of loss? By Lauren Krauze When I arrived at the main gate of Brooklyn’s Green-WoodCemetery, I was greeted by two talkative green birds hopping and flapping about in the grass. I was surprised; the birds seemed bright and exotic compared with the pigeons, jays, and sparrows I normally see. I later learned that these playful birds are monk parakeets—a very fitting name given that I was attending an event called Death and Dharma, a lecture and meditation series co-presented by the Brooklyn Zen Center and Green-Wood Cemetery. Green-Wood’s high, rolling hills … Continue reading Confronting Death and Dharma at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery


by Julian Rose, Contributor Waking Times When one feels and witnesses the crushing effect of the status quo on all sentient elemental life forms, as well as on the great majority of human beings, one eventually reaches the point of saying “No, enough!” Saying No comes before saying Yes, in the context of putting a brake on the slide into slavery currently besetting a great proportion of mankind. There comes a moment, in nearly everybody’s life, when one makes a stand against some intolerable treatment which is being meted-out by the forces of control and subversion. Almost any incident could spark-off the … Continue reading THE POWER OF SAYING ‘NO’

Going Undercover With Africa’s Premier Anti-Poaching Unit

Images from the raid, where the Zambian, despite having one hand already cuffed, resists arrest. Busting open the black-market ivory trade in Malawi and Zambia by Joseph Haldeman In a pink motel room just a few miles from the Zambia–Malawi border in landlocked Southeastern Africa, two European men count stacks of local currency across a floral bedspread: 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 Zambian kwacha, which comes out to roughly $5,000. A third man watches like a casino pit boss from a plastic armchair, his foot resting on a giant suitcase. He’s a wealthy Zambian with a body builder’s physique, gold jewelry and designer pink polo shirt. … Continue reading Going Undercover With Africa’s Premier Anti-Poaching Unit