The limits of tolerance

image edited by Web Investigator  A religious worldview cannot expect the same kinds of tolerance as racial, gender, or sexual identities. Here’s why Paul Russell is professor of philosophy at the University of British Columbia in Canada, and professor of philosophy and director of the Gothenburg Responsibility Project at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. His latest book is The Limits of Free Will (2017). Throughout the Western world, the political ‘Left’ is in disarray. It is fragmented, rudderless and lacks a coherent plan to stem the tide of ‘populism’, nationalism and xenophobia. Identity politics and questions of religion have done much to … Continue reading The limits of tolerance


by Buck Rogers, Staff Writer Waking Times “We are not dealing here with purely material reality, but with the spiritual realm.” ~Richard Gallagher Reported cases of demonic possession are on the rise worldwide. In 2016, ABC News reported a sharp increase in exorcism, while noting that even the Pope himself was called upon to perform exorcism on behalf of the Catholic Church. Something seems askew with all of this in the age of scientific reductionism, but is there a psychological basis for such a mysterious return to archaic frames of mind? According to board-certified psychiatrist and professor of clinical psychiatry at New York Medical College Richard … Continue reading WHAT A LEADING PSYCHOLOGIST KNOWS ABOUT DEMONIC POSSESSION

Anger Can Be a Good Thing if You Know How to Use It

by Quinn Myers Sometimes you get so righteously pissed off that it actually helps you make a positive change: You can use your anger as a motivator to hit the gym after a breakup and sculpt the perfect revenge bod, for example, or find a better job to escape your dickish boss. But there’s a thin line dividing that useful anger from the type of anger that leads to self-destructive behavior, like constantly blowing up at little things and alienating those around you. The difficult part, of course, is figuring out where that line is knowing when you’re about to cross … Continue reading Anger Can Be a Good Thing if You Know How to Use It