by Phillip J. Watt, Contributor Waking Times With our world’s societies plagued with sickness, sadness and stress, it’s almost rebellious to take good care of your health. Now of course there are pockets of people who pump their physique for the primary purpose of vanity, but effective health management is much more than just working and toning your body.The word ‘health’ has etymological roots which define it as ‘whole’.  So when you think of being healthy, it’s wise to consider what layers of your life need attention to bring your whole experience into a functional and productive synergy. In other words, your … Continue reading 3 METHODS TO MAXIMIZE YOUR HEALTH

An Interview With the Navy SEAL Who Says He Killed bin Laden

Robert O’Neill has a new book about being the man to fire the fatal shots—but he’s not the only one making that claim by David Silverberg This much we know: On May 2, 2011, a group of Navy SEALs helicoptered into Pakistan under the cover of night and ambushed a compound that U.S. intelligence indicated was the residence of the world’s most wanted man — Osama bin Laden. This much is also true: One of those SEALs fired the kill shot that, at least emotionally, brought some closure to 9/11, if not everything that’s happened since. Here’s what we don’t know: the identity … Continue reading An Interview With the Navy SEAL Who Says He Killed bin Laden