Model hallucinations

Participants in a traditional Ayahuasca ritual of spiritual and physical healing in La Calera, Cundinamarca, Colombia in 2014. Photo by Eitan Abramovich/AFP/Getty Psychedelics have a remarkable capacity to violate our ideas about ourselves. Is that why they make people better? by Philip Gerrans is a professor of philosophy at the University of Adelaide in Australia and an associate of the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences in Geneva, Switzerland. His latest book is The Measure of Madness: Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Delusional Thought(2014). by Chris Letheby is a philosophy adjunct at the the University of Adelaide in Australia who writes about psychedelic drugs. … Continue reading Model hallucinations


by Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times The human mind is incredibly complex. It’s been approximated that the human brain contains around 100 billion neurons, which is a testament to just how little we know about the uniqueness of the human experience. With as much as there is to understand, psychologists have spent years building conceptual frameworks of personality which serve as a way to break down the complexity into more easily digestible parts. One of the most common of these concepts is the “Big Five” dimensions of personality, however many more exist including work done by Carl Jung, as well as Dr. Carol Pearson’s “Six … Continue reading WHY REBELS ARE SO IMPORTANT TO SOCIETY

Why Didn’t My Parents Just Tell Me They Smoke Weed?

by Tierney Finster As a kid, I made a habit of rounding up all the spare tire-pressure gauges my father left around the house and demanding my mom tell me what they were. I was sure my parents had a secret and that those weird little devices were part of it. Now I realize my mechanic father was just messy, and that I thought those little tools were marijuana pipes. My parents hardly ever drank, but they were habitual stoners. They both routinely locked themselves in their bedroom, the bathroom and the family room, where the same, weird odor would … Continue reading Why Didn’t My Parents Just Tell Me They Smoke Weed?