The Gift of Fear

Adam Fuss, Untitled, 2006. Unique gelatin silver print photogram, 20 x 16in. Courtesy the artist/Cheim & Read Gallery. Fear is a part of human nature, so there is little point in forcing ourselves to overcome it or pretending to be unaffected by it. In fact, we do so at our peril. By Dharmavidya David Brazier Fear is a given; it is a fundamental part of life and consciousness. And while it may not feel good, fear is useful and necessary. In spiritual life, the problem with fear lies in whether we have the wisdom to respond well to it. In Buddhism, … Continue reading The Gift of Fear

Western philosophy is racist

Illustration detail of Zu Luo, one of China’s 24 paragons of filial piety and a disciple of Confucius. Private collection.Photo by Corbis /Getty Academic philosophy in ‘the West’ ignores and disdains the thought traditions of China, India and Africa. This must change Bryan W Van Norden is professor of philosophy at Vassar College in New York, and a guest professor at Wuhan University in China. His latest book is Taking Back Philosophy: A Multicultural Manifesto(2017), with a foreword by Jay L Garfield.  Mainstream philosophy in the so-called West is narrow-minded, unimaginative, and even xenophobic. I know I am levelling a serious charge. … Continue reading Western philosophy is racist

If You’re a Male Killer Whale, Being Unpopular Will Kill You

by Nick Leftley It sucks to be unpopular. Feeling like you’re always on the fringes of a group; like no one would notice if you weren’t even there. Like no one really enjoys hanging out with you, because there’s something about you that’s fundamentally unlikeable. It’s a feeling that will quickly blossom into full-fledged self-loathing and misery. But hey, at least it won’t actually kill you! Unless you’re a male killer whale, in which case — according to a new joint study from the Center for Whale Research and the British universities of Exeter and York — it absolutely will. More isolated male orcas, in fact, were found … Continue reading If You’re a Male Killer Whale, Being Unpopular Will Kill You


by Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times For years it has been a supposed mystery, but it is finally being acknowledged that a primary cause of cancer in the world today is diet. Studies are now showing that obesity plays an enormous role in one’s chances of getting cancer, and the main cause of obesity is the type of foods people eat. It is in large part a lifestyle disease, and the most important relevant lifestyle choice is food. “Overall, we estimated that 40.8% of incident cancer cases were attributable to exposure to the 24 factors included in the analysis (Table 2). Tobacco … Continue reading MAINSTREAM NEWS QUIETLY ADMITS THAT FOOD QUALITY IS A MAJOR CAUSE OF CANCER

Visualizing $63 Trillion Of World Debt

courtesy of: Visual Capitalist by Tyler Durden If you add up all the money that national governments have borrowed, it tallies to a hefty $63 trillion. In an ideal situation, governments are just borrowing this money to cover short-term budget deficits or to finance mission critical projects. However, as Visual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins notes, around the globe, countries have taken to the idea of running constant deficits as the normal course of business, and too much accumulation of debt is not healthy for countries or the global economy as a whole. The U.S. is a prime example of “debt creep” – the country hasn’t posted an … Continue reading Visualizing $63 Trillion Of World Debt

Be amazed

The labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, France. Photo by Sylvain Sonnet/Getty Before it became a staple of videogames, the maze was a test of reason and courage, a way to find yourself by getting lost James McConnachie is a British journalist, author, editor and broadcaster. His writing has appeared in The Sunday Times, The Spectator and The Guardian, among others. His latest book is Sex: The World’s Favorite Pastime Fully Revealed(2010). On a chalk down beneath an iron-age hillfort and a grove of beech trees near my home in Hampshire in the south of England, a labyrinth has been cut into the turf. It looks almost like a … Continue reading Be amazed

Hollywood Sex Abuse is a Century Old, Charlie Chaplin Raped Kids and He’s Hailed As a Hero

Hollywood has no problem celebrating child rapists as heroes—even when their crimes were admitted, prosecuted, and well known. By Matt Agorist As the curtain gets pulled back and the predators in Hollywood scatter like cockroaches, every new finding leads to more questions. As the Harvey Weinstein scandal snowballed into Hollywood pedogate, Americans are finding out that children have long been the prey of Tinseltown’s elite. But how far back does this depraved madness go? According to many horrifying cases over the 20th century, the answer to that question is at least 100 years. Hollywood’s proclivity for underage sex dates back ages—if … Continue reading Hollywood Sex Abuse is a Century Old, Charlie Chaplin Raped Kids and He’s Hailed As a Hero