To Make Lots of Money, You’ve Got to Be a Total Dirk

by Andrew Fiouzi Why men with one-syllable names almost always earn more money Names like Brad and Chad may be synonymous with “douchebag.” But according to a new study, those guys earn more money — and it has nothing to do with their douche chills. According to a study from German job portal site Adzuna, men with one syllable names tend to bring home bigger bucks. “The highest earner among male names was Dirk, earning an average of €120,200 [$148,128], with other onesies also scoring high on the income hierarchy,” reported The Local Germany last month. “Klaus can count on a good €100,237 [$123,527] before taxes with Hans … Continue reading To Make Lots of Money, You’ve Got to Be a Total Dirk

Philosophy’s first steps

At the quarry. Photo by Romano Cagnoni/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Science asks and answers its big questions, so why is philosophy taking its time? Because it’s only just getting started by J L Schellenberg is professor of philosophy at Mount Saint Vincent University and adjunct professor of philosophy at Dalhousie University, both in Nova Scotia, Canada. His latest book is The Hiddenness Argument (2015). Edited by Sam Dresser Philosophers periodically fret about the apparent lack of progress in their discipline. The fact that science – always the comparator in these discussions – has been humming along so nicely doesn’t exactly help. By discovering its methods and … Continue reading Philosophy’s first steps

Your Body is a Teeming Battleground

It’s time to rethink the quest to control aging, death, and disease—and the fear of mortality that fuels it. by VICTORIA SWEET I went to medical school, at least in part, to get to know death and perhaps to make my peace with it. So did many of my doctor friends, as I would find out. One day—usually when you’re young, though sometimes later—the thought hits you: You really are going to die. That moment is shocking, frightening, terrible. You try to pretend it hasn’t happened (it’s only a thought, after all), and you go about your business, worrying about … Continue reading Your Body is a Teeming Battleground