Why a ‘Lifesaving’ Depression Treatment Didn’t Pass Clinical Trials

… but could still be a groundbreaking therapy by DAVID DOBBS Some medical experiments are more daunting than others. The one that the neurologist Helen Mayberg came up with to test a model of depression she had developed over about 15 years involved drilling two holes in the top of a patient’s skull and sliding two low-voltage electrodes deep into the brain until they reached a region known as Brodmann area 25. In a pair of pale-pink curves of neural flesh called the subcallosal cingulate, each about the size and shape of a newborn’s crooked finger, area 25 occupies the … Continue reading Why a ‘Lifesaving’ Depression Treatment Didn’t Pass Clinical Trials

Does the Amount of Sex You Have Define How Manly You Are?

According to traditional masculinity: Absolutely by Andrew Fiouzi Last month, we spoke to Filippo M. Nimbi, the author of a study on how, counterintuitive as it sounds, wanting to be a father kills your sex drive. Among the many other thoughts he shared on sexuality and masculinity was this: “We should always consider that sex is a pillar of male sexual identity in Western culture, rather than paternity.” The idea — one that I hadn’t considered until he said it, but which made sense — stuck with me over the next few weeks. Growing up, the number of times my dad, uncle or grandfather asked me: “How … Continue reading Does the Amount of Sex You Have Define How Manly You Are?

Against marriage

Civic bliss: a marriage ceremony in a French town hall. Photo by Godong/Getty Marriage is what happens when the state gets involved in endorsing and regulating personal relationships. It’s a bad idea by Clare Chambers is a senior lecturer of philosophy and fellow of Jesus College at the University of Cambridge. Her latest book is Against Marriage: An Egalitarian Defence of the Marriage-Free State(2017).  Edited by Nigel Warburton What distinguishes marriage from other relationships? It is not set apart by its durability: unmarried partnerships can be more permanent than married ones. Children are not the sole preserve of marital relationships: in most liberal democratic … Continue reading Against marriage