A Gentleman’s Guide to Sex Parties

by merritt k When it comes to etiquette, the discerning gentleman or lady has a number of resources at their disposal. There are, of course, the classics: Emily Post, Miss Manners and Amy Vanderbilt. Then there are the contemporary versions of those classics — e.g., Travis and Teresa McElroy of the Shmanners podcast. Inevitably, though, all of these guides tend to leave out some, shall we say, less openly discussed scenarios. Such as: the sex party. Admittedly, it’s a topic that’s even too big for me to cover — at least by myself. And so, I requested the assistance of two knowledgeable experts who also happen to be good friends of mine. … Continue reading A Gentleman’s Guide to Sex Parties

Life on the slippery Earth

Serpent Labret with Articulated Tongue, 1300–1521 CE. Labrets were the visual markers of the eloquent, truthful speech expected of royalty and the nobility in Aztec culture. Courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Aztec moral philosophy has profound differences from the Greek tradition, not least its acceptance that nobody is perfect by Sebastian Purcell is assistant professor of philosophy at SUNY-Cortland in New York, where he researches history, social conditions, globalisation, concepts of justice and Latin American philosophy. Edited by Sally Davies When Halloween rolled around last year, my wife and I were prepared to be greeted by scores of eager trick-or-treaters. … Continue reading Life on the slippery Earth

Reclaiming Our Agency

Photo by Lee Woodgate / Alamy Stock Images The Buddha’s mindfulness was not a passive exercise but a practice of conscious decision making. The choices he suggested lead to lasting happiness. By Peter Doobinin The Buddha’s path is a path of action. As dharma students, we learn that our happiness in this life depends on our actions. What we do is what matters. This is the central law upon which the Buddha’s teachings rely: the law of karma. There’s a common tendency to evaluate our practice based on how much time we’ve spent on the cushion or how many retreats … Continue reading Reclaiming Our Agency