After death, you’re aware that you’ve died, say scientists

Credit: Petr Kratochvil.  by PHILIP PERRY Time of death is considered when a person has gone into cardiac arrest. This is the cessation of the electrical impulse that drive the heartbeat. As a result, the heart locks up. The moment the heart stops is considered time of death. But does death overtake our mind immediately afterward or does it slowly creep in? Some scientists have studied near death experiences (NDEs) to try to gain insights into how death overcomes the brain. What they’ve found is remarkable, a surge of electricity enters the brain moments before brain death. One 2013 study out of the University of … Continue reading After death, you’re aware that you’ve died, say scientists

The fallacy of obviousness

Photo by Harry Gruyaert/Magnum A new interpretation of a classic psychology experiment will change your view of perception, judgment – even human nature by Teppo Felin (@teppofelin) is a professor of strategy at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. He has published widely in management and business journals. This essay builds on interdisciplinary research projects with a number of scholars, including Jan Koenderink, Joachim Krueger, and Todd Zenger. Interested readers can find open access versions of some this published work here, here, and here. Edited by Sam Haselby Scientific experiments don’t generally attract widespread attention. But the ‘Gorillas in Our Midst’ (1999) experiment of visual attention by … Continue reading The fallacy of obviousness

The Cost of Blood

When corporations run the government and any crime can be bought. BY CLAIRE NORTH The man whose name was sometimes Theo Miller had been twenty-two years old when they abolished human rights. The government insisted it was necessary to counter terrorism and bring stable leadership to the country. He’d voted for the opposition and felt very proud of himself, partially because he had a sense that this was the intangible right way of things, but mostly because it was the first time his new name had been tested at the polling station, and held up to scrutiny. The opposition didn’t have any … Continue reading The Cost of Blood