Is There Any Good Way To Change Someone’s Mind?

Besides ‘at gunpoint’ by Andrew Fiouzi Word on the street is that Trump’s lawyer-fixer guy, Michael Cohen, has changed his mind about taking the fall for a man who would push him down a set of stairs if he had the chance. Considering the relationship, it’s not hard to imagine why Cohen changed his mind, not to mention the fact that there’s no argument quite like one in which a federal prosecutor is holding a proverbial knife at your throat. But since this is far from a normal case, what’s an effective alternative if you’re looking to sway another person’s thinking? First, it’s important to understand why … Continue reading Is There Any Good Way To Change Someone’s Mind?

Digital Mental Health Drug Raises Troubling Questions

The goal of the digital sensor is for doctors to monitor their patients’ intake of Abilify MyCite remotely and ensure that the patient is adhering to the correct drug dose and timing. ShareTweetShareEmail    By Anthony Ryan Hatch, Wesleyan University Moments after Neo eats the red pill in “The Matrix,” he touches a liquefied mirror that takes over his skin, penetrating the innards of his body with computer code. When I first learned about the controversial new digital drug Abilify MyCite, I thought of this famous scene and wondered what kinds of people were being remade through this new biotechnology. Otsuka Pharmaceuticals … Continue reading Digital Mental Health Drug Raises Troubling Questions


Posted on July 9, 2018 by Soren Dreier Author: Strange Heatwave shatters records in parts of California, kills 54 in Quebec (Canada), melts roads in Great Britain, engulfs Iran and sets temperature record in Africa. This summer is going crazy and heatwaves are triggering dramatic living conditions around the world. While major heat wave is bringing record-breaking temperatures to Southern California, another heatwave has already killed 54 people in Quebec, Canada, and Britain is baking and its roads are melting. Finally, Africa has witnessed it’s highest temperature ever recorded, 124.3F, in Algeria and temperatures are breaking new records in Iran. The world is boiling, water … Continue reading THE WORLD IS BOILING