by Soren Dreier

Seems to be Pedo´s everywhere. New Age Cults – The Church – Hollywood – Governments.
This world stinks of it.
If I catch the scent of one in Heaven – Somebody took a wrong turn into the afterlife.

Horror claims about torture, sexual abuse and Murder in Catholic orphanage in Vermont

Sickening claims about torture, sexual abuse and even the murder of children in a Catholic orphanage have resurfaced decades after the alleged events.

Public documents and witness interviews corroborate many details of the claims made by former residents of St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Burlington, Vermont, according to a four-year investigation published on Monday by BuzzFeed News.

The new report comes as governments in the UK, Ireland, Australia and elsewhere grapple with decades-old reports of horror inside Catholic orphanages.

St. Joseph’s, which was run by the Montreal-based Sisters of Providence, closed down in 1974, and the allegations regard children who lived there from the 1930s through the 70s.

Key witness Sally Dale was the institution’s longest resident, growing up at St. Joseph’s from ages 2 to 23. In 1996, Dale gave a searing 19-hour deposition recounting the alleged abuse, including that she saw a nun throw a boy to his death from a window.

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The Dirty, Deadly Secrets of Apartheid South Africa’s Powerful Pedophiles

Days after publication of his book about government ministers in the 1980s systematically raping young black men and boys, author Mark Minnie supposedly took his own life.

Mark Minnie always knew he could be killed for writing about the pedophile ring that he said he and journalist Chris Steyn discovered when he was a policeman and she a reporter under the apartheid regime. And if it happened, he expected, it would look like he took his own life.

His body was found two weeks ago, on August 13, on a small farm in Port Elizabeth, a city in South Africa’s Eastern Cape region. And his death did look like a suicide. There was even a note. But people who knew him don’t believe for a moment that he shot himself.

Rocco Rodriquez, who met Minnie in 2012 and worked with him across China auditing English language tests, remembers Minnie saying explicitly on more than one occasion, “They will kill me and make it look like a suicide.”

Over the years, Minnie sent drafts of the manuscript he was working on to Rodriquez to read as a friend. The material was sensational and deeply disturbing, implicating some very powerful South Africans in some very ugly crimes. “You can see why I can’t believe this nonsense that he shot himself,” Rodriguez told the Daily Beast.

The book Minnie was working on all those years, The Lost Boys of Bird Island, co-authored with Steyn, had been published 10 days earlier. It broke a previously untold story alleging there was a massive pedophile network under South Africa’s apartheid government.

In the mid-1980’s, the book alleges, at least three politicians, including the then minister of defense, and one well-connected businessman were flying and boating young black boys to Bird Island off the coast of the Eastern Cape and raping them violently. Among the hideous events recounted in the book: “One child was maimed when a gun was thrust up his anus and the trigger pulled.”

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