Here’s China’s Massive Plan To Retool The Web

The following is adapted from LikeWar by P. W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking, a book by two defense experts – one of which is the founder of the Eastern Arsenal blog at Popular Science – about how the Internet has become a new kind of battleground, following a new set of rules that we all need to learn. “Across the Great Wall we can reach every corner in the world.”
 by Tyler Durden Via, The most ambitious project of mass control is the country’s “social credit” system. All Chinese citizens will receive a numerical score reflecting their “trustworthiness.” So read the first email … Continue reading Here’s China’s Massive Plan To Retool The Web

How non-industrial cultures view mental illness

Culture determines how mental illness or aberrant mental behavior is viewed and dealt with. by Mike Colagrossi Many abnormal behaviors that are considered by western psychologists to be mental illnesses that require treatment are seen in a much different and even positive light in non-industrial or “primitive” societies. Things like hearing voices, hallucinations, and other unconventional behaviors are seen as the start of a spiritual awakening. Many of these individuals go on to become spiritual leaders and shamans of their communities. Alan Watts and Terrence McKenna both commented on and were concerned about industrial definitions and treatment of mental illness. … Continue reading How non-industrial cultures view mental illness

Why be nonbinary?

Photo courtesy the author A world segregated into male and female categories feels suffocating. Nonbinary identity is a radical escape hatch by Robin Dembroff is an assistant professor in philosophy at Yale University in Connecticut. Edited by Sally Davies Recently, I found myself at London Stansted Airport, travelling back to the United States. I’m a frequent flyer, so I’m familiar with the airport ritual: shoes, laptop, body scanner. But for myself and many others, the final instalment of this liturgy tends to become a social test. As usual, I braced myself and stepped into the scanner. ‘Arms like this… Anything in your … Continue reading Why be nonbinary?