by Gary Z McGee, Staff Writer Waking Times “I love the fall of those brave enough to fail for the right reasons. Fuck the easy glory of mere excellence. The only legacy I will accept is to know that however far I got — it was as far as I was capable of going. I want to drown in my own sweat knowing there was nothing left.” ~Jared Singer & Anthony Ragle Ask yourself: would you rather be considered courageous and stupid or cowardly and smart? Sure, the ideal is courageous and smart, but that is rarely an option if you’re wanting to … Continue reading CRAZY STUPID COURAGE – THE PSYCHOLOGY OF GRIT

Negative capability

‘To understand and resist social conditioning and institutional constraints.’ Youths clashing with riot police during a May Day rally against planned labour reforms. Paris, France 2016. Photo by Lorenzo Meloni/Magnum Forget memory. Kill desire. Open up in the moment to unleash creativity, intuition, and even political transformation Paul Tritschler teaches psychology at Lowestoft Sixth Form College in Suffolk, UK, and his writing has appeared on sites such as AlterNet, CounterPunch and openDemocracy. Edited by Pam Weintraub Pablo Picasso was in his late 20s when he learned to paint like the Old Masters, but it took 30 years more to learn to paint like a child. His journey … Continue reading Negative capability

Is ‘mindfulness’ all in your head?

(iStock)  By Dr. Henry I. Miller, Mia Zaharna  How many times have you heard someone say to a person who is angry and agitated, “Hey, take a few deep breaths and chill.” Well, it works, and there’s now a physiological explanation for it.  And for the popularity of the “mindfulness” phenomenon, which has spread rapidly worldwide. (A Google search for the word yields more than 138 million hits!) Located deep in the brainstem, there is a tiny cluster of neurons that links respiration to feelings of relaxation, attention, excitement and anxiety. Called the “pacemaker for breathing,” it communicates the activity in the brain’s … Continue reading Is ‘mindfulness’ all in your head?