Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?

Mendelsund / Munday Despite the easing of taboos and the rise of hookup apps, Americans are in the midst of a sex recession. by KATE JULIAN These should be boom times for sex. The share of Americans who say sex between unmarried adults is “not wrong at all” is at an all-time high. New cases of HIV are at an all-time low. Most women can—at last—get birth control for free, and the morning-after pill without a prescription. If hookups are your thing, Grindr and Tinder offer the prospect of casual sex within the hour. The phrase If something exists, there … Continue reading Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?

End intellectual property

Artist Anish Kapoor’s installation Descent in to Limbo at the Serralves Foundation, Portugal. Kapoor has exclusive artistic licence to use Vantablack, the blackest of black pigments developed by UK-based NanoSystems. Photo courtesy Filipe Braga © Fundação de Serralves Copyrights, patents and trademarks are all important, but the term ‘intellectual property’ is nonsensical and pernicious by Samir Chopra is professor of philosophy at Brooklyn College and the City University of New York. He is the author of several books, including A Legal Theory for Autonomous Artificial Agents (2011). He blogs regularly at samirchopra.com and his writing has appeared in The Nation, The Los Angeles Review of Books and Jacobin, among others. Edited by Sam Dresser … Continue reading End intellectual property


by Isabelle Kohn The other really uncomfortable talk On June 8, 1948, Saskatchewan farmer Cecil George Harris fell off his tractor and became pinned beneath it.Fearing he might not survive, he used his pocket knife and his remaining strength to carve a will into the side of the tractor as it crushed his lower body into dust. “In case I die in this mess I leave all to the wife,” he wrote. Spoiler alert — he died. Afterward, his tractor will held up in court and has since been immortalized as a bizarre and entertaining example of how it’s never too late to get … Continue reading A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO TELLING EVERYONE HOW YOU WANT TO DIE