Transgender: a dialogue

Illustration by Gerda Wegener (1886-1940) for the newspaper The Sourire (1925) Paris, France. Photo by Fototeca Gilardi/Getty Images The conversation about trans identities has been riven by bitter divisions. Two philosophers offer radically different perspectives by Sophie-Grace Chappell is professor of philosophy at the Open University in the UK. Her latest book (under the name Timothy Chappell) is Knowing What to Do: Imagination, Virtue, and Platonism in Ethics (2014). Holly Lawford-Smith is a senior lecturer in philosophy at the University of Melbourne. Her book Not in Their Name: Are Citizens Culpable for Their States’ Actions? is forthcoming with Oxford University Press. Edited by Sally Davies Twenty-five years ago, the very … Continue reading Transgender: a dialogue

How To Step Out of Your Mental Traps

Source: Courtesy Pixabay by Beth Kurland Ph.D. Getting out of the “I” of the storm. Consider this scenario that happened to me recently. I had a very important phone conference scheduled with someone at 10:00 a.m., and I had been awaiting this call with some anticipation and excitement. We had never spoken, but this conversation involved an important professional opportunity for me. I scheduled my morning to make sure I would be available at this time, uninterrupted. I sat waiting for the call, but the person did not call. After a few minutes, I was puzzled, then became increasingly frustrated as … Continue reading How To Step Out of Your Mental Traps

Preparing to Live or Die: Coping with Loss During the Holidays

By Edie Weinstein, From the moment we emerge from the womb, we are on a trajectory toward the inevitable ending of this incarnation. It is a thought most would prefer to avoid considering. Humans are hardwired toward self-preservation and we are inclined to do all we can to remain animated. Even those whose health habits don’t lend themselves toward vitality — call it addiction or denial — would say that reflection of premature death frightens them. Today, I was strolling the aisles of a local dollar store in search of an ice scraper, since we are experiencing the first snowfall of … Continue reading Preparing to Live or Die: Coping with Loss During the Holidays