Schizophrenia May Disrupt Bodily Experience of Emotion

Photo: This graphic compares body maps of the control group (top) and of people with schizophrenia (bottom). Credit: Sohee Park. By Janice Wood A new study shows that how people experience emotion through their bodies is radically altered in people with schizophrenia. For the study, researchers at Vanderbilt University compared individuals with schizophrenia with matched control participants, asking each to fill in a “body map” in a way that correlates to the way they physically experience emotion. The researchers used a computerized coloring task to locate where participants feel sensations when they experience, for example, anger or depression. According to the study’s findings, the … Continue reading Schizophrenia May Disrupt Bodily Experience of Emotion

Can party drug MDMA help treat alcoholism?

A pioneering new study in Bristol is using MDMA-assisted psychotherapy to help alcoholics break the cycle of addiction. By Russell Deeks Alcohol is dangerous. Its abuse accounts for around 8,000 deaths in the UK every year, while the societal cost – in terms of the strain on the NHS and the police – is enormous. It costs £3.5bn a year for the NHS to treat alcohol-related illnesses and injuries, while 70 per cent of violent incidents occurring during the evenings, nights and weekends involve alcohol. Many people are, of course, able to enjoy a drink without coming to any harm, or … Continue reading Can party drug MDMA help treat alcoholism?

Breath of life

A Shinto priest is seen during a ritual to usher in the upcoming New Year at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo on 31 December 2017. Photo by Toru Hanai/Reuters Shinto is uniquely Japanese, yet embodies a once-universal animistic religion of wind and fire, gods and animal spirits by Brian Victoria is a senior research fellow at the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, a recognised independent centre of the University of Oxford. He is also a Buddhist priest in the Soto Zen sect and docent for Context Travel in Kyoto. He is the author of Zen at War (2006), Zen War Stories(2003) and the forthcoming Zen … Continue reading Breath of life

CANINE RACISM alive and well at the TSA as “pointy-eared” dogs get banned because snowflake children find them “scary”

by: Ethan Huff (Natural News) The next time you spot a security dog at the airport, chances are it’ll be some kind of cuddly breed with floppy ears. That’s because the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has decided that dogs with pointy ears are too “scary” for travelers – particularly younger travelers. While the TSA isn’t officially changing its dog policy to avoid breeds like German Shepherds in favor of, say, Labradors, the federal agency has indicated that it’s going to focus on maintaining a “floppy ear” force wherever possible so as to avoid “scar[ing] children.” “We’ve made a conscious effort in TSA … to … Continue reading CANINE RACISM alive and well at the TSA as “pointy-eared” dogs get banned because snowflake children find them “scary”

Letters: ‘The Puzzle of the Wealthy’

THOMAS PETER / REUTERS Readers consider why many ultrarich people aren’t satisfied with their wealth—and discuss how to make America more equitable. The Reason Many Ultrarich People Aren’t Satisfied With Their Wealth Recently, Joe Pinsker talked to a handful of experts about why many ultrarich people are motivated to accumulate more and more wealth. There are two central questions people ask themselves when determining whether they’re satisfied, one researcher explained: Am I doing better than I was before? and Am I doing better than other people? My grown sons and I have often discussed the puzzle of the wealthy who … Continue reading Letters: ‘The Puzzle of the Wealthy’

Sexist men are likely to have mental health issues, researchers say

image edited by F. Kaskais A study of close to 20,000 men provides some stark conclusions on the relationship between male sexism and mental health. by PAUL RATNER New research, published by the American Psychological Association in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, suggests that men who exhibit sexist behavior are more likely to have mental health problems. “In general, individuals who conformed strongly to masculine norms tended to have poorer mental health and less favorable attitudes toward seeking psychological help, although the results differed depending on specific types of masculine norms,” said Professor Y. Joel Wong of Indiana University Bloomington, the study’s lead … Continue reading Sexist men are likely to have mental health issues, researchers say

How To Help Kids Overcome Their Fear Of Doctors And Shots

Ryan Johnson for NPR by JULI FRAGA Like many kids, Lisa Sparrell’s daughter never liked getting shots at the doctor’s office. “At first she’d cry some, but was quickly placated with rewards like a lollipop or a sticker,” says Sparrell, who lives in Honolulu. But last year, Sparrell’s 10-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a heart defect. In preparation for surgery, the little girl’s trips to the doctor sharply increased –and so did her anxiety. “The frequency of appointments — many of which included blood draws and IV placements — made her fears worse,” Sparrell says. The concerned mom tried bringing … Continue reading How To Help Kids Overcome Their Fear Of Doctors And Shots