by Tracy Moore Engagement season lasts from November to February, but like the diamond on a bad ring, the sting of rejection lasts forever. Here’s how to know if it’s meant to beWhen my boyfriend proposed, I couldn’t think of a reason not to get married. We’d been dating for eight years, and our life together felt cemented and harmonious; we’d even bought a house. We were, generally, conflict-free. Why wouldn’t we take it to the next level? So I immediately said yes. And the moment I accepted, I felt a queasy rush of existential dread wash over me, a … Continue reading BEFORE ASKING HER TO MARRY YOU, DO THIS

The Special Sleep That Kicks In During a Sickness

A woman wearing a face mask sleeps on a bench in Seoul.ED JONES / AFP By studying flies, researchers have identified a gene that induces sleepiness—and protects against infections. by ED YONG In 1909, the Japanese scientist Kuniomi Ishimori collected spinal fluid from sleep-deprived dogs and injected it into active, rested pooches. Within hours, the latter fell into a deep sleep. By coincidence, a pair of French researchers did the same experiments a few years later and got the same results. These studies, and others like them, suggested that the blood of sleepy animals contains some kind of soporific secret sauce of … Continue reading The Special Sleep That Kicks In During a Sickness


by Soren Dreier Author: Independent The rise of social media has meant that we as a global population are more connected than we have ever been in the history of time. However, our reliance on social media can have a detrimental effect on our mental health, with the average Brit checking their phone as much 28 times a day. While social media platforms can have their benefits, using them too frequently can make you feel increasingly unhappy and isolated in the long run. The constant barrage of perfectly filtered photos that appear on Instagram are bound to knock many people’s … Continue reading WAYS SOCIAL MEDIA AFFECTS YOUR MENTAL HEALTH