Animals feel pain. Why do people believe they don’t?

The psychological disconnect between humans and other animals puts all forms of life at risk. by DEREK BERES As part of the EU Withdrawal Bill, British MPs refused to recognize animal sentience. Yet it is well-documented that animals feel a range of feelings, including pain. The delusional idea that only humans experience emotions has lead to a variety of catastrophic problems, such as mass factory farming As a child I loved Rick Raccoon. He was the only stuffed animal I owned of the Shirt Tales crew. The show was necessary Saturday Morning television before I left the cartoon-watching age. Many years later, … Continue reading Animals feel pain. Why do people believe they don’t?

Words as feelings

Nurunuru? Reiko Takahashi, 78, prepares seaweed that she collects from the sea at the Tomari Port on 12 March 2013 in Minamisanriku, Japan. Photo by Athit Perawongmetha/Getty A special class of vivid, textural words defies linguistic theory: could ‘ideophones’ unlock the secrets of humans’ first utterances? by David Robson is a science journalist specialising in the extremes of the human brain, body and behaviour. A feature writer for the BBC, his first book is The Intelligence Trap: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things and How to Make Wiser Decisions (forthcoming, 2019). He lives in London. Edited by Sally Davies If you don’t speak Japanese but would … Continue reading Words as feelings


by Gary Z McGee, Staff Writer Waking Times “Today’s society bestows rewards as never before for those who are comfortable with change, and it may punish those who are not, for what used to be the safe terrain of stability is now often a dangerous minefield of stagnation.” Leonard Mlodinow Let’s get weird. Sometimes it takes a little shock value to shake us out of our stuck-in-a-rut-ness, our unimaginative daily doldrums, our all-too-comfortable comfort zones. Art can have this cathartic effect. Specifically, the art of questioning. Such questioning plants seeds of imagination into the dry earth of our purposelessness. It’s only through attention, … Continue reading 5 WEIRD QUESTIONS TO PUT YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE INTO PERSPECTIVE