Why We Think Cats Are Psychopaths

What is it thinking?SERGEY ZAYKOV / SHUTTERSTOCK It’s just “resting cat face.” by SARAH ZHANG When Becky Evans started studying cat-human relationships, she kept hearing, over and over again, about how cats are psychopaths. On one hand, anyone who has looked into the curiously blank face of a catloafknows exactly what that means. But also, exactly what does it mean to apply a human mental diagnosis to felines? We let these clawed creatures into our homes and our beds, but we still have trouble understanding them on anything but our own human terms. Evans, a graduate student in psychology at the … Continue reading Why We Think Cats Are Psychopaths

Getting Lost Makes the Brain Go Haywire

KHALIL ASHAWI / REUTERS In caves and labyrinths, humans’ cerebral navigation equipment is mostly useless. That can spark panic or free the mind. by WILL HUNT On the evening of December 18, 2004, in the hamlet of Madiran, in southwestern France, a man named Jean-Luc Josuat-Vergès wandered into the tunnels of an abandoned mushroom farm and got lost. Josuat-Vergès, who was 48 and employed as a caretaker at a local health center, had been depressed. Leaving his wife and 14-year-old son at home, he’d driven up into the hills with a bottle of whiskey and a pocketful of sleeping pills. After steering … Continue reading Getting Lost Makes the Brain Go Haywire

The first God

A small stele, probably used as a home altar, depicts Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti with their three eldest daughters. Aten is represented as a sun-disc with the Sun’s rays ending in hands proffering Ankh signs to the royal couple. Amarna period, c1340 BCE. Courtesy the Neues Museum, Berlin Out of the many gods of ancient Egypt an inspired Pharaoh created a monotheistic faith. What was Atenism and why did it fail? by James K Hoffmeier is professor of Old Testament and ancient near Eastern history and archaeology at Trinity International University in Illinois. His latest book is Genesis: History, Fiction, Or Neither? Three … Continue reading The first God