DESPITE INTERNATIONAL BAN, ICELAND PLANS TO KILL OVER 2,000 WHALES Emma Fiala, TMU Waking Times Authorities in Iceland have just announced a plan to kill more than 2,000 whales over the next five years. Environmental organizations are understandably outraged as Iceland continues to challenge the International Whaling Commission’s (IWC) ban on commercial whaling. The IWC adopted a moratorium on commercial whaling in 1982, effectively banning commercial whaling worldwide. Despite the ban and a declining market for whale meat, Iceland has opted to move forward with its plans. And Iceland isn’t the only country setting its sights, once again, on whales – one of the largest and … Continue reading WHAT THE FUCK ?


by Tracy Moore Take a lesson from Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams If you want your partner to know you’re really there for them, it’s pretty easy. Take out a few billboards celebrating her as the greatest woman of all time. Document her life in video form to highlight her biggest moments and depict her as heroic and lovely. Then whisk her away to a romantic locale like, say, Venice, Italy. And if you’re feeling extra romantic, film it aerially with a drone that zooms out from the penthouse skylight to show how luxe life is from above. Easy, now! … Continue reading WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO REALLY ‘SHOW UP’ FOR YOUR PARTNER?

Reclaiming Ceremony for Myself

Photo by Ricky Turner | https://tricy.cl/2SibMoo A Zen center resident reflects on returning to her workaday life and struggling to hold onto her sense of the sacred. By Cassandra Moore I was a resident at the Upaya Zen Center in Sante Fe, New Mexico, for one and a half years. By the time I left, I was accustomed to bowing to everything—to people, to Buddha statues, to my food, to my meditation cushion, to grief, to the people I didn’t like, to my anxious mind, to the stars, to my basic goodness. And I had come to love practicing collective silence; … Continue reading Reclaiming Ceremony for Myself