The Spiritual Use Of Cannabis

by Soren Dreier Author: Sparc A depiction of the churning of the world in the ancient Indian creation myth. Most people are startled to find out that every major pharmacy in America offered cannabis tinctures as medicine until the 1930’s when cannabis prohibition began in the US. Cannabis has been used for over a thousand years by most of the world’s great cultures as a medicine. Most people in the west are unaware that many ancient cultures also recognized the value of cannabis as an aide to spiritual practice. Like any powerful medicinal plant, the energies of the plant must be … Continue reading The Spiritual Use Of Cannabis

Recovery from Abandonment

By Sharie Stines, Psy.D Abandonment is one of the hardest experiences to heal from. It is a form of betrayal that leaves a person feeling bereft with grief. The grief process also takes a very long time to complete with abandonment; more so, oftentimes than in other grief experiences. This is because of the lack of closure, lack of validation, confusion, and sense of eternal hope on the part of the person being left. If you have been abandoned,  you may wonder how you can heal? What steps are needed to overcome the feelings of low self worth, guilt, rejection, and … Continue reading Recovery from Abandonment

Why the Flow of Time Is an Illusion

Getting human feeling to match the math is an ultimate goal in physics. BY MICHAEL SEGAL In his book Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality, Max Tegmark writes that “time is not an illusion, but the flow of time is.” In this month’s issue of Nautilus, which looks at the concept of flow through various portals in science, we revisited our 2014 video interview with Tegmark (transcribed below for the first time), in which the professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explains why the feeling of time is one thing and the math quite … Continue reading Why the Flow of Time Is an Illusion

In defence of disorder

The last remaining house on Holland Island in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, United States. Photo by Baldeaglebluff/Flickr Humans love laws and seek predictability. But like our Universe, which thrives on entropy, we need disorder to flourish by Alan Lightman is a novelist, essayist and physicist, and professor of the practice of humanities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the author of Einstein’s Dreams(1992). His most recent books are Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine (2018) and In Praise of Wasting Time(2018). He lives in the Boston area. Edited by Sally Davies The Buddhist monks from Namgyal monastery in India engage in a ritual … Continue reading In defence of disorder

Does Depression Make Me The Person No One Wants in Their Life?

EZRENA VIA GETTY IMAGES by Ellie Pool Does having depression make me the person no one wants to know? That’s a question I ask myself daily and no amount of reassurance from those around me can stop that. For me, depression brings with it anxieties about who I am and what people think of me, which in itself is a vicious circle. Depression changes the way I behave, it makes me introverted yet erratic at the same time. Depression makes me too much but not enough all at the same time. It makes me low, sluggish, lack lustre, all the … Continue reading Does Depression Make Me The Person No One Wants in Their Life?

Can Anxiety Cause High Blood Pressure? Here’s What the Research Says

Getty Images BY MARKHAM HEID  Anxiety is part of life. You feel it when you’re stuck in traffic, harried at work or worrying about your family and finances. There’s no doubt that feeling anxious can elevate your blood pressure, at least in the short term. “Our mind and our thoughts certainly are connected to our hearts,” says Dr. Christopher Celano, associate director of the Cardiac Psychiatry Research Program at Massachusetts General Hospital. When something makes you anxious—whether it’s a life-threatening emergency or persistent worry—your sympathetic nervous system initiates a fight-or-flight response that raises your heart rate and blood pressure, he explains. … Continue reading Can Anxiety Cause High Blood Pressure? Here’s What the Research Says

Can’t Find An Affordable Home? Try Living In A Pod

It’s dorm life for adults: A PodShare co-living building in Venice Beach, Calif., where dorm beds go for about $1,400 per month with shared kitchens and bathrooms. Courtesy PodShare by ANNA SCOTT The cost of housing is out of reach for many residents in cities such as Los Angeles and Seattle. One solution is called co-living, and it looks a lot like dorm life. Co-living projects are trying to fill a vacuum between low-income and luxury housing in expensive housing markets where people in the middle are left with few choices. Nadya Hewitt lives in a building in Los Angeles … Continue reading Can’t Find An Affordable Home? Try Living In A Pod

It’s easier to read mens’ faces — here’s how you can determine if he’s cheated

1,500 study participants play Spot the Cheater by Robby Berman Male philanderers faces give them away slightly more often than female faces do. Study tests idea of being able to spot competition as an evolutionary aid to protecting our relationships. The most reliable — though not very reliable — cue is sexual dimorphism. It’s become a standard TV and movie trope. One friend looks at another and suddenly blurts out, “You just got some!” In real life, though, it’s not so easy to tell, apparently. This goes double for cheaters, even if you might think you can just look at … Continue reading It’s easier to read mens’ faces — here’s how you can determine if he’s cheated

Wilderness Birthed the Mind

Photo by Robert Bye | As the Earth radically changes, what happens to the wisdom that it has to offer us? By Matthew Gindin Once a monk asked Changsha, Zen Master Jingcen, ‘How do you turn mountains, rivers, and the great earth into the self?’ Changsha said, ‘How do you turn the self into mountains, rivers, and the great earth?’ —“Valley Sounds, Mountain Colors” by Dogen Zenji, from Treasury of The True Dharma Eye, ed. Kazuaki Tanahashi and Peter Levitt Wilderness birthed the mind, whose deep roots and flowering branches evolved not in the cities of our invention but in nature’s … Continue reading Wilderness Birthed the Mind


by John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times According to a series of studies that have been conducted by researchers at the University of Florida over the past several years, alcohol is the real “gateway drug” for teens in the United States. This research finally gives some scientific opposition to the popular myth that cannabis is a gateway drug for young people, that supposedly leads them towards more dangerous drugs like meth or heroin. The first study was conducted in 2012 and was titled, “Alcohol as a Gateway Drug: A Study of US 12th Graders.” In this study, researchers examined surveys of high school … Continue reading MULTIPLE STUDIES SHOW THAT ALCOHOL IS THE REAL ‘GATEWAY DRUG’ NOT CANNABIS