How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Long-Term Relationship? We Asked Experts

By CAROLYN STEBER Going through a breakup is undeniably difficult, but especially so when you’re trying to get over a long-term relationship. You’ve had years to develop a routine that revolves, in may ways, around this one person. And once that comes to an end, it can prove to be quite a shock to the system. In the first few weeks following the breakup, you might not even know what to do with yourself. From waking up, to going to bed, to figuring out where to go on the weekend, it can all feel like unchartered territory. Doing it alone — and … Continue reading How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Long-Term Relationship? We Asked Experts


by Zen Gardner, Guest Waking Times First off, who says there needs to be a reason? We may look at our lives linearly and think causality is at work, but is it? Besides, what is it that’s asking for a reason? Isn’t that the contraption built by that severely limited paradigm we’re trying to wake up out of? And wouldn’t having a reason imply a desired outcome? Where did that come from? It all sounds like presumption born out of ignorance to me. Short-sighted and unaware to the max if we’re even the least bit conscious. I know, pretty severe, but … Continue reading SO WHY ARE WE HERE?

The horror of sameness

What people most fear is not difference, but a world in which nothing and nowhere is unique, in which everyplace is the same Holly Case is an associate professor of history at Brown University. Her latest book is The Age of Questions (2018). Edited by Sam Dresser In the run-up to Hungary’s parliamentary elections in 2018, one of the cabinet ministers of the country’s ‘illiberal’ prime minister Viktor Orbán travelled to Vienna in neighbouring Austria, where he filmed himself walking through a part of the city where a number of immigrants have settled. As pedestrians go about their business in the background, their … Continue reading The horror of sameness