The Moon is inside Earth's atmosphere, European researchers say

Scientists examined data from 20 years ago to reach a startling new conclusion. by PAUL RATNER Observations made by the SOHO spacecraft over 20 years ago lead to a new discovery. The Earth has a hydrogen envelope as part of its outer atmosphere called the geocorona. The geocorona stretches well past the Moon, reveals a study. We are more linked to the Moon than we’ve realized. It turns out that the outer part of the Earth’s atmosphere stretches considerably past the lunar orbit. In fact, it goes as far as twice the distance to the Moon. This discovery is a product … Continue reading The Moon is inside Earth's atmosphere, European researchers say

Five next-gen depression treatments that could revolutionize the field

The future of treating depression might look starkly different than it does now.  By Alexandra Pattillo  Medications and psychotherapy can work wonders for people dealing with depression. But as scientists argue in a new special issue of the Harvard Review of Psychiatry, an “unacceptably high proportion” of people with depression experience little to no benefit from standard treatments. And even when they work, one meta-analysis of standard psychotherapy for depression suggests any improvement can be short-lived. For those who have had no luck treating their depression, five areas of research that harness novel technologies and tackle the condition from new angles could offer a … Continue reading Five next-gen depression treatments that could revolutionize the field

How to stop drinking alcohol

Tips and advice on going sober temporarily or for good. by ABIGAIL MALBON  Thinking of going sober in 2020? If the thought of drinking throughout 2020 is too much, you’re not alone. According to an NHS health survey, in England in 2018, 82% of adults drank alcohol in the past 12 months, with 49% of adults drinking at least once a week – but more of us are deciding to quit alcohol than ever before. A recent investigation found that rates of non-drinking increased from 18% in 2005 to 29% in 2015, and the number is growing fast. Celebrities such as Elsa Hosk, Lucy Hale and Jada Pinkett … Continue reading How to stop drinking alcohol

Practicing in Hell

An Australian chaplain warns fellow Buddhists not to give up their meditation practice in the face of devastating wildfires. By Pema Düddul Every morning I step outside my home in New South Wales, Australia, to check if it’s safe to open the doors and windows. What I find is burnt orange dawns, blood red sunsets, searing wind, and palls of smoke that blot out the sky. For weeks the smoke from nearby fires has been so bad that the air quality in my small town is worse than in the world’s most polluted cities. Often I wake with a dry, sore throat … Continue reading Practicing in Hell