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A man can only attain knowledge with the help of those who possess it. This must be understood from the very beginning. One must learn from him who knows – G.I. Gurdjieff

‘Spirituality’ as a trendy lifestyle, is a display, always has been, always will be. It’s a control mechanism. At its core we find power hungry gurus, just like in any big business. They want control of your mind, your finances and your energetic system. No country or culture of the world is free from this deception.

The digital age certainly has its advantages. Now more than any time in our recent recorded history, we have  access to unlimited amounts of information. We are also able to digitally connect with people in any corner of the world. What is lacking is our ability to discern what can be trusted or how to make use of it.

The recent wave of this deception is evident in new-age circles, so-called conscious communities, self-help platforms, bloggers publishing spells on getting rich or finding love, online courses in initiation in some shamanic tradition, often involving strange incantations and even stranger rituals, energy healing techniques channelled by special outer space beings, light workers and so on.

Countless books are published every year filled with new methods and secrets of life. Anyone it seems who has the ability to write a sentence or two is entitled to preach. And millions unconsciously consume this junk with the belief it will teach them all they need to know.

‘If you start out with junk data, you end up with junk wisdom’ – John Anthony West.

The plant medicine circle deception has spread like wild fire, spending a few months in some jungle entitles people to promote them in the West as the miracle cure for all.  I’ve met many 20 something year old Maestro’s who claim they were given powers by a special teacher they spent a week with and they feel entitled to suddenly label themselves as beneficiary of special lineage and declare it’s their life purpose to share this with the West.

Anyone who has earnestly, honestly and thoroughly studied the plant medicine tradition will tell you that power plants throughout history were only consumed by healers and their apprentices and not the patients. The reason being, the plant mind is not a human mind, and learning the language of plants involves decades of training. To the uninitiated, this would lead to madness. I’ve certainly seen cases of delusion in people who after consuming the medicine a few times call themselves Jesus and Buddha, because the plants ‘clearly’ showed them they were. This millennia old tradition has been degraded by the spectacular generation of know-it-all ‘fast shamans’.

The DMT craze is a newer version of the counter culture experiments with LSD in the 60’s. Now the ‘credible’ Church Of Science and Progress is studying and trying to ‘map’ the unseen world and the beings that inhabit it by intravenously injecting DMT in people. I cannot foresee anything positive coming out of these experiments.

I’ve been on this path for almost 15 years now,  by no means do I consider myself an expert of any special tradition, but I can say with a certain degree of confidence that over time, by traversing some challenging terrains, both in the inner and outer realms, I do have a unique perspective which may or may not be helpful for you.

Every culture at some point in time has had their own ‘Wisdom Tradition’. Specialised schools with rigorous training of would-be initiates that required decades or a lifetime of discipline. Pythagoras  trained for twenty years before he opened his school, because a considerable period of observation and work on oneself is necessary before you can safely and effectively guide others. His disciples were divided into ‘learners’ and ‘listeners’ based on their potential and spent years studying themselves and the laws of creation.

Recently, I visited an indigenous elder who told me that when he reaches a certain degree of development, his elders will introduce him to deeper teachings of his culture.  This is another way of saying that this process is continuous throughout life…


F. Kaskais Web Guru

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