15 Hookup Stories From People Who’ve Had Sex With A Micropenis

This Man's Micro-Penis Will Make You Feel Better About Yours ...
image edited by F. Kaskais

Hey, penises come in all shapes and sizes.

by Spencer Althouse

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to open up about their sexual experiences with someone who has a micropenis. Here are the results.

In case you’re wondering, the average erect penis is 5 inches long, while a micropenis is at least 2.5 standard deviations smaller (so, smaller than 7 centimeters or 2.75 inches). Also, about .6% of the male population has a micropenis.

Before we dive into the stories, we spoke to Dr. Kate Balestrieri, a licensed psychologist and certified sex addiction therapist, to get a better understanding of how a micropenis might impact sex. Here’s what she said: “Whether someone has a large penis or a micropenis, the quality of their sexual experience with a partner depends largely on their non-penetrative behaviors. There are strap-ons and penis extenders that can offer a different tactile experience for penetration, if desired, but nothing can take the place of confidence, erotic kissing, amazing foreplay, and hot sexual energy. Focus on cultivating an experience that goes beyond penetration, cherish each other, and let sex become a whole body experience.”

1. This stamina king:

“I dated a guy with a micropenis for two years, and he was fantastic in bed, so it was never really an issue for us. We mostly learned what positions worked best because of his size. He had great stamina, so we’d routinely have sex for hours at a time – one of the pros of his smaller size. Thinking back, he was probably one of the best lovers I’ve had.”

2. This intense threesome:

“My partner and I were on Grindr and got a message from a gorgeous Turkish man. We chatted, had a few drinks, and then took things to the bedroom. He was packing (maybe) two inches, max. We’re not size queens, so we just went with it, and since he was a bottom it didn’t really matter. He was a great kisser, very skilled orally, and even let us double penetrate him. Blowing him was a little different because his size made us alter our ~technique~. He also shot the two biggest loads I’ve ever seen. He was a really sweet and kind person and, overall, we had a great time. We repeated the encounter a few more times before he moved back to Turkey.”

3. This lost condom:

“I had gone on a few dates with a guy, and the first time I gave him oral was when I saw his micropenis. Because it was so small, the overwhelming layer of pubes covering it kept getting stuck in my throat. It was like trying to suck a needle in a very hairy haystack. We then tried to have sex doggy-style, but it didn’t really work, so he decided to lay down and have me get on top. He sort of rubbed his penis against my thigh for a while and occasionally touched parts of my vagina. It wasn’t my best sexual experience, but it also wasn’t my worst.”

4. This freshman fun:

“I encountered a micropenis during my freshman year of college. It was only the second penis I’d ever seen, so I just thought my first boyfriend was very well-endowed. After I asked my friends if they’d ever seen a penis the size of a baby carrot before, I realized this guy had a micro. I liked him, so we’d keep hanging out and have oral sex. Blowing him was great and easy because I could fit the whole thing in my mouth without any problems. He never tried to have intercourse with me, and we never talked about it because I didn’t feel like I could bring it up. The relationship ultimately fizzled out. Looking back, I’m not sure I thought about it beyond ‘his penis is literally the size of my thumb.'”

5. This foreplay pro:

“Things were getting hot and heavy between a guy and me. Then I stuck my hands down his pants and couldn’t find anything. The experience was a little awkward, but he immediately said, ‘I know I don’t have a lot going on down there, but I make up for it elsewhere.’ And sure enough, he started going down on me, and it was incredible. He definitely knew what he was doing, and he loved to do it. I barely felt the actual sex, but he made sure I got off more than once before he did anything.”…



F. Kaskais Web Guru

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