by Gary Z McGee, Self-inflicted Philosophy Waking Times “Someone once asked me, “What’s at the core of every human being? ‘Bullshit,’ I replied.” ~Gary John Bishop We are all full of shit to some degree or another. Knowing it sets us free. But why stop there? Sometimes, awareness isn’t enough. There must be action. Rather than wallow in the muck and mire of our bullshit, why not attempt to be become less full of shit? Rather than be driven by the bullshit of your past, why not allow yourself to be pulled up by the bullhorns of the future? You just need … Continue reading HOW TO BE LESS FULL OF SH!T

Mathematics for gamblers

If philosophers and mathematicians struggle with probability, can gamblers really hope to grasp their losing game? by Catalin Barboianu is a gaming mathematician, philosopher of science, and problem-gambling researcher. Among his books for the general public are eight books on mathematics of gambling and What Is Mathematics: School Guide to Conceptual Understanding of Mathematics (2021). Edited by Sally Davies Amathematician, a philosopher and a gambler walk into a bar. As the barman pulls each of them a beer, he decides to stir up a bit of trouble. He pulls a die from his pocket and rolls it ostentatiously on the bar counter: it … Continue reading Mathematics for gamblers