Could I be a psychopath and not know it?

Answer: absolutely. But that might not be a terrible thing. By Christian Jarrett If you were a psychopath in the Hollywood sense (think Hannibal Lecter), it would be odd if you didn’t realise that, at the very least, you’re ‘different’ and simply not very nice. After all, this kind of psychopath is essentially an aggressive sadist hiding behind a mask of superficial charm. However, psychologists are increasingly realising that you can score highly on one or more psychopathic personality traits without having criminal or violent tendencies. These traits, which we all score on to some greater or lesser degree, include ‘self-centred … Continue reading Could I be a psychopath and not know it?

6 Characteristics Of Highly Toxic Parents

by Shannon Ashley  This is something I wager we just don’t talk about enough because it’s frequently considered “in poor taste” to speak badly of one’s own parents. In some ways, parents are revered to the point where we flippantly make blanket statements like “all parents want the best for their children” or “they did the best they could. Sometimes, it’s true that the parents in question really did try their best or want the best for their kids. That’s not enough, however, to protect their children or give them the mental and emotional care they need. And sadly, lots of parents can fall into toxic habits with their kids without ever realizing there’s a problem. As … Continue reading 6 Characteristics Of Highly Toxic Parents