Just Love Them

A Zen monastery resident discovers her job has been getting in the way of the real work. By Vanessa Zuisei Goddard “Zuisei, you just have to love them,” Hogen said, looking at me pointedly from under those Bodhidharma eyebrows of his. Caught off guard, I didn’t immediately reply. Love them? What was that supposed to mean? Hogen smiled at me and walked away before I could say anything. After a moment, I returned to my office grumbling under my breath. What did love have to do with anything? It was the middle of the afternoon and I’d been heading to the kitchen for a snack when I … Continue reading Just Love Them

Electric Vehicles Powerless During Hurricanes

by Diana Furchtgott-Roth Contributor It’s 2035, all cars are electric, and the massive Hurricane Iris has hit Louisiana. Much of New Orleans is under water, and emergency workers with their Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup trucks need to rescue families and pets. But Louisiana has lost power, and the trucks are all dead. The Blessey family, which has lived in New Orleans for generations, want to get out of town to stay with relatives. They can’t set off in their Chevy Bolt EV because they won’t be able to recharge it on the way. We are still in 2021—but this … Continue reading Electric Vehicles Powerless During Hurricanes