Are we born evil? St. Augustine and “original sin”

Augustine’s theology came to define Christianity, but there was a rival theology. by JONNY THOMSON St. Augustine is considered one of the main “Church Fathers,” but his life was surprisingly salacious before his turn to Christianity. He was one of the major proponents of “original sin” — the idea that we are born with a natural inclination toward sin and evil. Augustine also was largely responsible for the “Neoplatonism” that infused so much early Christian theology, namely, the notion that the further something is from God (as perfection) the lesser it becomes. A lot of secular and religious morality hinges … Continue reading Are we born evil? St. Augustine and “original sin”

Where the rivers meet

Pilgrims have long sought in India’s holiest city an antidote to the modern West, but Varanasi is more dream than reality Manini Sheker is a scholar and writer interested in religion, the arts, social justice, the environment and the good life. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian, open Democracy and Litro, among others Edited by Sam Haselby On a sweltering summer’s day five years ago, as I returned to my rented home in the holy city of Varanasi in India, I was greeted by an astonishing sight: a blue-eyed white man, dressed only in a thin orange cloth knotted around his … Continue reading Where the rivers meet