Naked: Conditioning Uncovered

Like the Buddha seeing Mara, much conditioning scuffles off, powerless, once it is seen and fully understood. The work is to know it, not to hide from or fight it. By Melina Bondy “Where there is perception, there is deception.” – Thich Nhat Hanh It’s strange to feel naked while clothed, but it’s a feeling I have all the time these days. The last time it happened was on the beach. I had just moved to Toronto and on the first warm day in May, I met up with my sister, Holly, and her daughters Ella, seven, and Keira, five. We … Continue reading Naked: Conditioning Uncovered

The Whale Who Will Come Soon

A whale-watching trip is a voyage into the psychic dimensions of ocean in the 21st century. BY REBECCA GIGGS The beachfront narrows to an ocherous ribbon, belted by blue, above and below. After a while, a handful of shearwaters appear in the air above the Cat Balou. The birds flash around us; like knife-thrower tricks at a circus. Diving through the water, each is crowned in a diadem of bubbles. The shearwaters come from Antarctica, like the humpbacks, and also Siberia, South America, and Japan; they arrive in Australia, where they often die in large numbers from exhaustion. Such bird deaths, … Continue reading The Whale Who Will Come Soon