Working from home is making us weaker, and it might kill us faster

by Anupam Varma Working from Home is not exciting anymore. In fact, it’s a painful reminder of the luxuries office spaces used to provide. It’s also a continuous unlearning and relearning phase for employers and employees alike. I visited a friend over the weekend when I heard this rather unique story. He had quit his job a month or so ago. The farewell was completely digital. His colleagues sent him a parting gift online. The company transferred his final settlement amount directly into his account. Not only that, some of his belongings that he had left at his workstation were packed and … Continue reading Working from home is making us weaker, and it might kill us faster

‘Kill your selves’ every day

Dr Nic Hooper on students and self-stories. Words matter. The words in my title could be seen as insensitive to those who’ve been touched by suicide. And yet I’ve used them, because they have had such a lasting impact on my life. First told to me by Steven C. Hayes (the main creator of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT), they urge us to kill the stories we’ve built about ourselves, because of the prison they can create for us.   It’s not just me, however. I’ve noticed that the concept has a powerful impact on others too. This happened … Continue reading ‘Kill your selves’ every day