Underwater views of Antarctic jellies are ‘a magic portal to another world’

The short film “Life Beneath the Ice” features delicate, illuminated marine creatures. By Mindy Weisberger  The gelatinous, transparent bodies of bizarre jellylike sea creatures — illuminated by the twinkling of an internal light, and some with a recent meal still visible in their bellies — tumble and drift in hypnotic footage that was captured below the Antarctic ice. Edited into a “trippy video composition,” as filmmaker and scientist Emiliano Cimoli described the film in a statement, the footage presents close-up views of jellyfish, comb jellies and other soft-bodied, see-through ocean life in the Ross Sea, a deep body of water in the … Continue reading Underwater views of Antarctic jellies are ‘a magic portal to another world’

Sex on the curriculum

Sex education is a battlefield over morals and young bodies, and has exposed fractures in American life for over a century Kristy Slominski is the assistant professor of religion, science and health in the Department of Religious Studies and Classics at the University of Arizona. She is the author of Teaching Moral Sex: A History of Religion and Sex Education in the United States (2021). Edited by Sam Dresser The state of sex education in the United States is dismal. Shaped by divergent state policies and local school board decisions, programmes are uneven in their content and coverage. There is confusion about … Continue reading Sex on the curriculum