Real-Life Telepathy Is Closer Than You Think

And it could become big business in the not-so-distant future. by David Axe Quietly over the past few months, the technology has started falling into place to allow people to communicate without words by transmitting their thoughts to each other via tiny, modem-like devices plugged into their brains. That’s right. Computer-aided telepathy. And it could become big business in the not-so-distant future. In April, a team of scientists from the University of Washington and Carnegie Mellon University published in the journal Nature a paper detailing an ambitious experiment they’d recently conducted.  Three people worked together to play a crude version of the video game … Continue reading Real-Life Telepathy Is Closer Than You Think

The Bodhisattva Blues

Bluesman Reverend Freakchild discusses his music, sobriety, and why he’s pursuing a master’s degree in Buddhist studies. By Jeff Goldberg With his raspy baritone and soulful guitar-playing, Reverend Freakchild has long-since earned his “PhD in Blues Bardology,” as one music critic put it. But, more recently, the 47-year-old bluesman also has been pursuing a Master of Divinity degree in Buddhist studies at the Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.  “I joke with people that I’m making the most of my midlife crisis,” laughs Reverend Freakchild, aka Fordam Murdy, for whom singing blues and Buddhist practice have become part of the same spiritual journey … Continue reading The Bodhisattva Blues

But is it science?

Theoretical physicists who say the multiverse exists set a dangerous precedent: science based on zero empirical evidence by Jim Baggott is an awardwinning British popular-science author, with more than 25 years’ experience writing on topics in science, philosophy and history. His is the author of Quantum Space: Loop Quantum Gravity and the Search for the Structure of Space, Time, and the Universe (2018) and Quantum Reality: The Quest for the Real Meaning of Quantum Mechanics – A Game of Theories (forthcoming, 2020) He lives in Reading, UK. Edited by Nigel Warburton There is no agreed criterion to distinguish science from pseudoscience, or just plain ordinary … Continue reading But is it science?


by Chris Bourn  We all worry that everyone around us is happier, richer and more sexually experienced. Statistically speaking, is that truly the case? Let’s crunch some very large numbers Just like you, I suffer from chronic status anxiety. Over the past few years, for me this has come to mean the paralyzing feeling of panic and self-doubt I get whenever I attempt to update my “status” on any given social media platform. The main problem I’m confronting is that my life, like most lives, is mundane, humdrum and enormously boring to others, and I’m running out of fresh and … Continue reading IS EVERYONE ELSE ACTUALLY DOING BETTER THAN YOU? HERE ARE THE STATS

Raised By Narcissists? Here Are the Signs And How to Break the Cycle

Many adults don’t realize they were raised by narcissists until they are well into adulthood — but the ramifications can be passed down through generations. By Lizzy Francis ere you raised by narcissists? Growing up with a parent who has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) — which is a disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of self-importance, is likely derived from genetic and environmental factors, and is more commonly seen in men— can be difficult, and many children raised by those with NPD struggle to maintain healthy relationships as they grow older and shed the unhealthy one that was modeled for them.  “Narcissistic … Continue reading Raised By Narcissists? Here Are the Signs And How to Break the Cycle

All Dogs Deserve a Six-Inch Voice

By Marie Lodi If your dog chews up your new pair of kicks or steals a chicken tender from your plate, your first instinct might be to yell at it from the top of your lungs, and understandably so. Haven’t we all been guilty of screaming at our dog children in frustration? But the next time you feel the urge to yell at your pup, please use your six-inch voice instead, because you might actually be doing serious harm! As ScienceAlert reports, a recent study conducted by the Universidade do Porto in Portugal shows that aversive training methods can have negative effects on your dog’s mental state. These aversive … Continue reading All Dogs Deserve a Six-Inch Voice


by Kingsley L. Dennis, Contributor Waking Times There’s something fundamentally wrong with how the world is right now. Don’t you see it – feel it? We are a species with noble character, with a great spirit, and with a sacred soul. In our hearts we wish only for the betterment of all people; for love and justice and communion. And yet what we see going on in the world is nothing less than complete madness. We have to say it exactly as it is – there is a sickness going on and this pathogen is being perpetrated on a vast scale. I propose … Continue reading THE WOUNDED MIND