Coronavirus Palermo, minacce di assalti ai supermercati, centri commerciali presidiati da polizia

Ieri un tentato assalto alla Lidl e alcuni episodi in piccoli alimentari nelle borgate. Intanto file ai supermercati perché domenica resteranno chiusi in tutta la Sicilia di Roberto Chifari Cresce la preoccupazione a Palermo, come in altre città del Sud. C’è il serio rischio che la mancanza di liquidità dovuta allo stop imposto dalle misure anti contagio porti allo scoppio di una bomba sociale. Lo sanno bene le istituzioni e le forze dell’ordine, che da 72 ore monitorano gruppi privati su Facebook e chat su Whatsapp dopo alcun allarmanti note vocali e video messaggi che circolano sui social, dove gruppi organizzati … Continue reading Coronavirus Palermo, minacce di assalti ai supermercati, centri commerciali presidiati da polizia


by Ben Munster  How do you make sense of being simultaneously bored and ashamed, as your powerlessness in the face of mounting tragedy dawns on you? And what can you do to prevent the hell I’m living in today? Italy’s lockdown has lurched into its third week. Days have blurred into nights; weeks into weekends; months into years. People aren’t singing from their balconies anymore, at least where I live. The only sound in my neighborhood in the past week was a hollow cry of “We will make it!” from an apartment several blocks away. Spontaneous musical outbursts now earn … Continue reading I’M IN ITALY ON LOCKDOWN. THIS IS A WARNING FROM THE FUTURE.

What Should The Government Spend To Save A Life?

Economists have done the math. By Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux The staggering economic toll of the new coronavirus is becoming abundantly, unavoidably clear. On Thursday, a Department of Labor report showed that a record-shattering 3.3 million people applied for initial unemployment claims last week. And with entire industries shuttered for the foreseeable future, economic output will almost certainly shrink dramatically. As economic forecasts grow darker, talk of tradeoffs is getting louder: Is protecting Americans from COVID-19 really worth all this disruption and economic pain? On March 22, before President Trump floated the idea of reopening the economy by Easter, against the recommendations of his own public … Continue reading What Should The Government Spend To Save A Life?

America Needs Guys Right Now, Not Men

Stay inside, pick an interest, become a Guy by Drew Magary The men are at it again. This time, they’re crowding into Nashville bars and throwing Frisbees in the middle of Prospect Park and showing the world that a little pandemic ain’t gonna stop them from havin’ a good-ass time. They’re logging on to tell people who are self-isolating that they’re ignorant, weak, and allergic to fun. Some of these men are gonna die shortly, and probably take your grandma along with them. But for now, they’re flipping that ‘rona the bird and showing it who’s boss. This is extremely on-brand for my people. If … Continue reading America Needs Guys Right Now, Not Men

The Trump O’Clock Follies

The President’s mendacious nightly press briefings on the coronavirus will go down in history for their monumental flimflammery. By Susan B. Glasser During the Vietnam War, the United States had the Five O’Clock Follies, nightly briefings at which American military leaders claimed, citing a variety of bogus statistics, half-truths, and misleading reports from the front, to be winning a war that they were, in fact, losing. Richard Pyle, the Associated Press’s Saigon bureau chief, called the press conferences “the longest-playing tragicomedy in Southeast Asia’s theater of the absurd,” which, minus the “Southeast Asia” part, is not a bad description of the … Continue reading The Trump O’Clock Follies

Meditating on Money

Noticing what we think (and feel) about money can help us understand our relationship to it. By Craig Hase How do you feel about money? If you’re like many of us, you might not even know the answer to that question. Like water to a fish, our relationship with money can easily become unconscious—just another part of the ocean we’re swimming in. Dharma teachers seldom talk about money in an open way, perhaps because some of their students were drawn to Buddhism for its promise of transcendence and they are not always interested in hearing about the worldly aspects of the … Continue reading Meditating on Money

Rats are us

They are sentient beings with rich emotional lives, yet we subject them to experimental cruelty without conscience. Why? Kristin Andrews is the York Research Chair in Animal Minds and a professor of philosophy at York University in Toronto. She is on the board of directors of the Borneo Orangutan Society Canada and a member of the College of the Royal Society of Canada.  Susana Monsó is a post-doctoral fellow at the Unit of Ethics and Human-Animal Studies of the Messerli Research Institute in Vienna.Listen here Edited by Sam Dresser In the late 1990s, Jaak Panksepp, the father of affective neuroscience, discovered … Continue reading Rats are us