by Vic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times  A recent viral video of a diver swimming through a sea of plastic is a stark reminder of what we are doing to the world’s oceans. We’ve been reporting on this issue since 2012, watching the development of a massive gyre of plastic forming in the Pacific Ocean, devastating wildlife in the Midway Atolls. “About 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year. In the US alone, about 30+ million tons of plastic waste is dumped into the solid waste system, including various plastic containers, bags and other types of packaging, with only about … Continue reading THE AMOUNT OF PLASTIC IN OCEANS WILL TRIPLE WITHIN SEVEN YEARS, SAYS MAJOR REPORT


by Isaac Davis, Staff Writer Waking Times Child sex-trafficking is an epidemic today, and while most people would find this crime to be right up there with homicide, the culture of permissiveness and lack of moral leadership tacitly condones the sexual abuse of children, while the media remains largely silent. The baffles the mind of any normal human being, and while it’s quite sickening to ponder, in pretty much every city and state in America, pimps are selling underage children for sex to some of the worst human beings alive. What’s even more disgusting is the fact that the majority of the … Continue reading AMERICA’S FOSTER CARE SYSTEM IS THE PIPELINE FOR CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING

The Muslims Who Want to Save Octopuses

  Hamissi Usi swims with an octopus on Pemba Island, Tanzania, in 2010.Per-Anders Pettersson / Reuters In Zanzibar, cephalopods are getting a leg up from the Quran. by LISA DE BODE ZANZIBAR—Ivory pirates, slave traders, and naturalists alike have long sought out the Zanzibar archipelago, a biodiverse group of islands lying off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. One of these islands, Misali, is surrounded by a six-mile coral reef. It teems with rare life: hawksbill turtles, flying foxes, coconuts crabs—and lots of octopuses. This island is special to Muslims, who form the vast majority of Zanzibar’s population. According … Continue reading The Muslims Who Want to Save Octopuses

On prejudice

Famille Métisse (1775) by Marius-Pierre le Masurier. Photo courtesy Musée du Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac/RMN An 18th-century creole slaveholder invented the idea of ‘racial prejudice’ to defend diversity among a slave-owning elite Blake Smith is a postdoctoral fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. His research, focusing on the French East India Company, has appeared in scholarly journals such as French Cultural Studies and the Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, as well as popular media such as The Wire and The Appendix. Edited by Sam Haselby In 1791, Julien Raimond published one of the first critiques of racial prejudice. Raimond was a free man … Continue reading On prejudice

Why Women Choose Differently at Work

Susan Pinker Psychologist Susan Pinker on the role of choice in gender differences in the workplace. BY BRIAN GALLAGHER If you were to predict the future on the basis of school achievement alone, the world would be a matriarchy.” Susan Pinker, who wrote that sentence almost a decade ago in her book The Sexual Paradox: Extreme Men, Gifted Women, and the Real Gender Gap, could make the same claim today: A 2014 meta-analysis found that the “female advantage in school marks has remained stable in the data retrieved (from 1914 to 2011).”1 Given that there’s an overall female advantage in school—one largest … Continue reading Why Women Choose Differently at Work

World’s top 5 ‘most evil’ corporations

  image edited by Fernando Kaskais Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive officer of Amazon, poses as he stands atop a supply truck during a photo opportunity at the premises of a shopping mall in the southern Indian city of Bangalore © Abhishek N. Chinnappa / Reuters Most companies become successful thanks to their stellar reputations. But not always. RT Business scraped the bottom of the barrel to find the most hated companies trending on the internet. Monsanto The company that needs no introduction, creator of DDT and Agent Orange, Monsanto is one the world’s largest pesticide and GMO seed … Continue reading World’s top 5 ‘most evil’ corporations

Slow Thought: a manifesto

Photo by Ernst Haas/Getty We need a philosophy of Slow Thought to ease thinking into a more playful and porous dialogue about what it means to live by Vincenzo Di Nicola is a tenured full professor of psychiatry at the University of Montreal, where he works as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Trained in psychology, psychiatry and philosophy, he completed his doctorate in philosophy at the European Graduate School. He is now working with fellow psychiatrist and philosopher Drozdstoj Stoyanov on a volume called Psychiatry in Crisis: At the Crossroads of Social Science, the Humanities, and Neuroscience, to be published by Springer International. … Continue reading Slow Thought: a manifesto