Therese Wade, Guest Waking Times Your Cells are Listening Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul. These transformative words, spoken by indigenous medicine women, began my journey within to discover the extraordinary healing capacity of the human body. When this perspective was introduced to me, I was suffering from a severe chronic pain disorder. I suddenly imagined incorporating this concept into my meditation routine. I thought, can my body hear me… can I talk to it to gain its cooperation in healing this condition? The Path to Freedom That night, after reaching a state of … Continue reading HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF BY TALKING TO YOUR BODY


by Bruce Lipton, Uplift Waking Times There is a “thing” I refer to as Universe Humor, others may refer to it as a Cosmic Joke. There have been times in all of our lives when we thought we knew exactly how some event or incident was going to turn out. We could be so convinced that we “knew” what was going to happen, that we would have bet the family farm and the kitchen sink on the outcome of the event. It is at moments like this, when the Universe surprises us by taking a left turn instead of a right. While … Continue reading THE COSMIC JOKE BEHIND HUMAN GENETICS

Emptiness and Filling Out Forms: A Practical Approach to Death

Photo by (Kirk) Lai Man Nung | Dying with compassion means having a plan in place for those left behind. A practitioner recounts how she navigated the process with her dharma friends. By Rena Graham As a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, I am constantly reminded that we never know when death might approach, but for years, I’d avoided dealing with one of the most practical aspects of death—the paperwork. I was not alone: Roughly half of all adults in North America do not have a living will. Then recently, I suffered a near-fatal illness that left me viscerally aware of how unprepared … Continue reading Emptiness and Filling Out Forms: A Practical Approach to Death

What We Can Discover in the Dark Unknown

Photo by Daniel Burka | Exploring our fear of the dark can reveal truths about death and what comes after. By Andrew Holecek In the following excerpt from the course, Holecek explains how looking into our fear of the dark can prepare us to face the unknown factors in our life and in death. I’m a spelunker of the mind. I love to explore the recesses of the darkness of mind and reality, because to me this is where all the goodies are. Many of us suffer from nyctophobia, a fear of the dark, which I believe is synonymous with … Continue reading What We Can Discover in the Dark Unknown


by Phillip Schneider, Assistant Editor Waking Times You are the bridge between Spirit and Matter, between Creator and Creation – Ken Carey That is my favorite line from a book called The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey, a spiritual teacher who published this particular book all the way back in 1982. I’m not much for some of the ideas expressed in his book, particularly the 2012 predictions because so many of them have been proven totally false given the passage of time. But nevertheless, I’m enthused by a lot of the spiritual teachings in books such as this. Think about the idea … Continue reading ARE YOU AND I FROM OUTER SPACE?

What Is A Psychological Astrologer

PHOTOGRAPHED BY MEGAN MADDEN. by MOLLY LONGMAN Most people want to be understood by others. For that to happen, we often have to understand ourselves first. In order to “figure ourselves out,” some of us turn to psychologists. Others go to astrologers. Then there are those who turn to psychological astrologers — a real-life hybrid of the two. Psychological astrologers such as Dr. Jennifer Freed, PhD, say that seeking this kind of help can give you a greater perspective on who you are, and why things are happening to you. Freed’s been practicing in the field for 30 years, and says we can all learn … Continue reading What Is A Psychological Astrologer

The Spiritual Use Of Cannabis

by Soren Dreier Author: Sparc A depiction of the churning of the world in the ancient Indian creation myth. Most people are startled to find out that every major pharmacy in America offered cannabis tinctures as medicine until the 1930’s when cannabis prohibition began in the US. Cannabis has been used for over a thousand years by most of the world’s great cultures as a medicine. Most people in the west are unaware that many ancient cultures also recognized the value of cannabis as an aide to spiritual practice. Like any powerful medicinal plant, the energies of the plant must be … Continue reading The Spiritual Use Of Cannabis