How an exorcist priest came face-to-face with the devil himself

By Larry Getlen In 1997, when a young, slim peasant man was escorted into the small room where Father Gabriele Amorth conducted his exorcisms in Rome, the priest felt immediately confronted by evil. Amorth said he asked for the help of Jesus, and the young man began to curse and spit, using English instead of his native Italian. “His curses and threats were aimed solely at the exorcist; then he began spitting at him and preparing to attack him physically,” writes Marcello Stanzione in “The Devil is Afraid Of Me: The Life and Work of the World’s Most Famous Exorcist” (Sophia … Continue reading How an exorcist priest came face-to-face with the devil himself

Send in the drag queens: The triumph of politicized occultism

Who is this creature reading to kids at the public library story hour? What does it represent? By Fay Voshell, Voices Contributor It’s apparent this horned monster is not the goofy clown parents hire to make balloon animals for their kid’s birthday party. It’s not a circus clown like Emmett Kelly, famous for his “Weary Willie” sad sack persona derived from the hobos of the Great Depression; or Glen Little, whose perennial smile graced the Ringling Brothers circus for twenty years;” and it’s not Oleg Popov, whose clown car and pratfalls made audiences laugh.  No, there is no innocent clowning around by this … Continue reading Send in the drag queens: The triumph of politicized occultism

Why Astrology Matters

Seeing meaning in the stars is a vital part of the scientific story. BY MICHAEL BROOKS Afew years ago, I went to an astrologer as research for a radio show exploring strange beliefs. Vishal knew only my name, and date and place of birth, and didn’t tell me anything terribly profound until I asked him about the car I had just bought. He tapped something into his laptop. I waited. “I see two cars in your future,” he said. I laughed. “Does that mean I’ve bought a dud?” “I can’t tell you that,” he said. A fortnight later, a mechanic … Continue reading Why Astrology Matters


by Hussein Kesvani  Maybe the incompatible signs are to blame — or maybe it’s just an excuse Christine, a pseudonymous 28-year-old clerk at a law firm in Dublin, isn’t convinced that her ex-boyfriend Steve, who ended their five-year relationship in November, knows the difference between Aries and Aquarius. “He definitely doesn’t understand what a rising sun is, or what’s meant by a planet going into a [zodiac] sign,” she tells me with a sigh. What’s more, Christine, a believer in all things astrology, had patiently tried to talk to Steve about the value of astrology, that “even if he couldn’t get his … Continue reading THE DUDES WHO USE ASTROLOGY TO JUSTIFY THEIR BREAKUPS


by Jacob Devaney, Guest Waking Times Can thought, intention, and emotion influence the physical world? Many people believe that they can, but scientific models for testing and quantifying this idea often fall short. Classical physics has been very successful at understanding the physical nature of the universe, yet this world-view assumes that reality is limited to matter. This leaves classical physics ill-equipped to measure or quantify non-physical phenomena. This has led to a movement towards post-material science. If you experience intuition and other non-physical phenomena, you will be excited to learn that science is beginning to validate this realm. You will be inspired to explore the … Continue reading SCIENCE VALIDATES COLLECTIVE INTENTION


by Zen Gardner, Guest Waking Times First off, who says there needs to be a reason? We may look at our lives linearly and think causality is at work, but is it? Besides, what is it that’s asking for a reason? Isn’t that the contraption built by that severely limited paradigm we’re trying to wake up out of? And wouldn’t having a reason imply a desired outcome? Where did that come from? It all sounds like presumption born out of ignorance to me. Short-sighted and unaware to the max if we’re even the least bit conscious. I know, pretty severe, but … Continue reading SO WHY ARE WE HERE?

The top 10 most evil, demonic but TRUE events of 2019 that indicate the rise of satanism

by: Ethan Huff (Natural News) Many Americans are still in perpetual denial about it, but there’s no doubt that Satanism is rapidly infecting every crevice of our land. Here are 10 of the most disturbing examples of what happens when a nation patently rejects God and embraces the god of this world instead: Organ donor? Organs are cut out of patients’ bodies even while they are conscious and aware, horrifying new science study reveals There’s a whole lot of cash to be made from harvesting people’s healthy organs and selling them to wealthy transplant patients, and this is exactly what’s happening … Continue reading The top 10 most evil, demonic but TRUE events of 2019 that indicate the rise of satanism