The Ku Klux Klan Is Growing—in Germany

Everett Historical via Shutterstock Nazi membership is outlawed, but not its racist American cousin. by Kelly Weill, Josephine Huetlin They have white hoods, Ku Klux Klan badges, and stockpiles of weapons. But these Klansmen aren’t in America—they’re in Germany, where a new wave of far-right extremism is taking cues from the U.S. Police in eight German states led raids last week on suspected members of a group called the National Socialist Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Deutschland, a name that glorifies both the American Klan and the Nazi party of Germany’s past. The raid, which reportedly turned up more … Continue reading The Ku Klux Klan Is Growing—in Germany

Harsh Nazi Parenting Guidelines May Still Affect German Children of Today

A German family poses for a portrait, 1937. Credit: Getty Images The Nazi regime urged German mothers to ignore their toddlers’ emotional needs—the better to raise hardened soldiers and followers. Attachment researchers say that the harmful effects of that teaching may be affecting later generations By Anne Kratzer on January 4, 2019 IN BRIEF In 1934 physician Johanna Haarer published The German Mother and Her First Child. Her advice guided child-rearing in the Third Reich. It ultimately sold some 1.2 million copies, almost half of them after the end of the war. In that book, Haarer recommended that children be raised with as few … Continue reading Harsh Nazi Parenting Guidelines May Still Affect German Children of Today


Julian Rose, Contributor Waking Times Freedom once meant something significant for mankind. It meant ceasing to be suppressed and imprisoned by forces that endeavour to control one. The word ‘freedom’ conjured a sense of what it means, at least to some degree, to be master of one’s destiny. No longer, for many, the new freedom has almost exactly the opposite meaning. Now freedom seems to be associated with having someone or something doing one’s thinking for one; making decisions that one ‘can’t be bothered ‘or doesn’t want to make – and ultimately completely relieving one from responsibility for taking any form of … Continue reading SAVE US FROM FREEDOM!


by Gary Z McGee, Contributor Waking Times “If you wish to keep slaves, you must have all kinds of guards. The cheapest way to have guards is to have the slaves pay taxes to finance their own guards. To fool the slaves, you tell them that they are not slaves and that they have Freedom. You tell them they need Law and Order to protect them against bad slaves. Then you tell them to elect a Government. Give them Freedom to vote and they will vote for their own guards and pay their salary. They will then believe they are Free persons. … Continue reading THE BEST WAY TO MANAGE SLAVES (AND HOW TO AVOID BECOMING ONE)


by Gary Z McGee, Guest Waking Times “In the act of provoking people to think differently, philosophers make it clear that we are not fated to live within the often-stifling systems of thought that we inherit. We can change the subject.” ~Raymond Geuss Are you sick and tired of TV talking-heads babbling their way through political propaganda and scapegoating each other through underhanded claptrap that does nothing more than keep outdated bipartisan “authority” entrenched in the minds of the people? If not, have you ever asked yourself why you just go along with it? Have you ever questioned the nature of authority itself? … Continue reading HOW TO TURN THE TABLES ON AUTHORITY LIKE A F@*%ING GENIUS

Dignity is delicate

Renford McIntyre pictured in Dudley, England, after being declared an illegal immigrant despite 50 years of living and working in the UK. Photo by Andrew Testa/Panos Human dignity is a concept with remarkably shallow historical roots. Is that why it is so presently endangered? Remy Debes is associate professor of philosophy at the University of Memphis and the editor of The Southern Journal of Philosophy. He is the editor of Dignity: A History(2017), a volume of the Oxford Philosophical Concepts series and a project of the Center for New Narratives in Philosophy.  His new monograph (in progress) is entitled, Respect as Understanding. Edited by Sam Dresser … Continue reading Dignity is delicate


by Caitlin Johnstone Waking Times I’ve been putting off writing this article all year, but readers keep asking for it, and since I’ve been writing about mass enlightenment a lot lately I figure I might as well slip it in now. It is a well-documented fact that it is possible for the human organism to move into a far more healthy relationship with thought than the one which most people experience. This shift has been written about for as long as there has been written language, and scientists have been confirming its existence using modern studies now. Spiritual enlightenment is real, and it is possible. It is … Continue reading HOW TO WAKE UP