No matter how much America may prefer to ignore its history, sometimes it’s naked and in bed next to you — and you simply can’t by Zaron Burnett III Most of the time it seems we prefer to ignore American history, but if you’re a black man, occasionally it will show-up in your bedroom and surprise you. Imagine being haunted by a poltergeist Wario: Boo! It’s-a me, American History! I’m-a here to ruin-a your sex tonight. It sounds ridiculous to imagine our country’s legacy as a mustachioed poltergeist with a comical Italian accent, but really that’s not much stranger than being suddenly … Continue reading A CONVERSATION BETWEEN BLACK MEN OF DIFFERENT GENERATIONS ABOUT DATING WHITE WOMEN

Walt Whitman’s Guide to a Thriving Democracy

Filip Peraić America had a mind shaped by its Founders, but the country needed the poet to discover its spirit. by MARK EDMUNDSON Walt whitman, who was born 200 years ago this year, is almost certainly the greatest American poet. In many ways, he is also the most enigmatic. Before 1855, the year that Whitman published Leaves of Grass, he had achieved no distinction whatsoever. He had no formal education—no Oxford, no Cambridge, no Harvard or Yale. His life up to his 35th year had been anything but a success. He’d been a teacher, but he was loose and a bit indolent, … Continue reading Walt Whitman’s Guide to a Thriving Democracy

The Karmic Impact of Mass Incarceration

Morgan Leyenberger Morgan Leyenberger, director of Compassion Works for All, on why she fighting for criminal justice reform in Arkansas. By Wendy Joan Biddlecombe Agsar Morgan Leyenberger had been meditating for a decade and leading a nonprofit organization, Compassion Works for All, that brings meditation and other resources to prison inmates in Arkansas. But it wasn’t until she was watching the execution of a man with whom she had spent the past two days that she truly understood the “karmic impact” of mass incarceration. In the summer of 2017, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson had scheduled eight executions over eleven days (four were ultimately … Continue reading The Karmic Impact of Mass Incarceration


John W. Whitehead, TRI  Waking Times “In too much of policing today, officer safety has become the highest priority. It trumps the rights and safety of suspects. It trumps the rights and safety of bystanders. It’s so important, in fact, that an officer’s subjective fear of a minor wound from a dog bite is enough to justify using potentially lethal force, in this case at the expense of a 4-year-old girl. And this isn’t the first time. In January, an Iowa cop shot and killed a woman by mistake while trying to kill her dog. Other cops have shot other kids, other bystanders, their partners, their supervisors and even themselves while firing … Continue reading DON’T SHOOT THE DOGS: THE GROWING EPIDEMIC OF COPS SHOOTING FAMILY DOGS


How Leo got caught up in a money-laundering scheme that screwed the Malaysian people out of billions by Zaron Burnett III It’s April 2013 in New York. Ensconced in a Chelsea studio bubbling with celebrities and champagne, an international man of mystery records his vanity music project. The ballad the 30-year-old sings is called “Void of a Legend.” The man calls himself Jho Low. At one point in his recording session, rapper Busta Rhymes and super-producer Pharrell Williams show up. Low shouts at Busta, “Yo! I own you! You’re my bitch!” The Malaysian financial wunderkind is drunkenly referring to the … Continue reading THE PERFECT IRONY THAT ‘THE WOLF OF WALL STREET’ FILM WAS ALSO A REAL-LIFE SCAM

Not That Kind of Girl

High-school students graduate in 1960. Nora Johnson’s articles, novels, and memoirs followed women as they matured from infatuated teenagers to aging lovers.GETTY In her influential 1959 Atlantic article, “Sex and the College Girl,” Nora Johnson predicted that young, educated women pursuing expansive new opportunities would likely end up disappointed. She spent the rest of her life finding out what could happen instead. by ANNIKA NEKLASON Every few years, new concerns bloom about the changing ways young people are approaching relationships, from the stigmatized early years of online dating in the 1990s and 2000s to the panic over campus hookup culturein the early 2010s to the … Continue reading Not That Kind of Girl

Are Doctors Overpaid?

picture alliance/Julian Stratenschulte/picture alliance via Getty Images by GREG ROSALSKY Every year, medical students apply for residencies at hospitals around the country through the National Resident Matching Program. It’s like a dating app for med students and hospitals, and it culminates this Friday, which is Match Day, when more than 30,000 students find out who they’ve got a really long date with. Some people view Match Week as a beautifully engineered dance between supply and demand that ensures the best and brightest learn how to be good doctors at top hospitals. Others, like Dean Baker, Senior Economist at the Center for Economic and Policy … Continue reading Are Doctors Overpaid?