Posted by Soren Dreier Author: LH Does the entire world really need to see where you’re tweeting from? I usually don’t think about how much location data I’m sharing on Twitter, because I don’t think anybody cares about my 1) tweets and 2) where I tweet. However, a new report from Wired has made me rethink my approach. As it turns out, it’s not that difficult to pinpoint exactly where you live via your tweets. As Wired’s story goes, a researchers from the University of Illionis and Greece’s Foundation for Research and Technology created a tool called “LPAuditor,” or “Location Privacy … Continue reading TWITTER KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE

Time-bombing the future

‘Ground zero for PFAS pollution’: the DuPont Washington Works plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Photographed on 28 October 2015. Photo by Maddie McGarvey/The Washington Post via Getty Images Synthetics created in the 20th century have become an evolutionary force, altering human biology and the web of life by Rebecca Altman has a PhD in environmental sociology. She is writing an intimate history of plastics, a hybrid memoir-sociology of the material her father once made. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island. Edited by Pam Weintraub In September 1938, the fall before the New York World’s Fair opened, a 5,000-year time capsule was planted 50 … Continue reading Time-bombing the future

CANINE RACISM alive and well at the TSA as “pointy-eared” dogs get banned because snowflake children find them “scary”

by: Ethan Huff (Natural News) The next time you spot a security dog at the airport, chances are it’ll be some kind of cuddly breed with floppy ears. That’s because the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has decided that dogs with pointy ears are too “scary” for travelers – particularly younger travelers. While the TSA isn’t officially changing its dog policy to avoid breeds like German Shepherds in favor of, say, Labradors, the federal agency has indicated that it’s going to focus on maintaining a “floppy ear” force wherever possible so as to avoid “scar[ing] children.” “We’ve made a conscious effort in TSA … to … Continue reading CANINE RACISM alive and well at the TSA as “pointy-eared” dogs get banned because snowflake children find them “scary”

Letters: ‘The Puzzle of the Wealthy’

THOMAS PETER / REUTERS Readers consider why many ultrarich people aren’t satisfied with their wealth—and discuss how to make America more equitable. The Reason Many Ultrarich People Aren’t Satisfied With Their Wealth Recently, Joe Pinsker talked to a handful of experts about why many ultrarich people are motivated to accumulate more and more wealth. There are two central questions people ask themselves when determining whether they’re satisfied, one researcher explained: Am I doing better than I was before? and Am I doing better than other people? My grown sons and I have often discussed the puzzle of the wealthy who … Continue reading Letters: ‘The Puzzle of the Wealthy’


by Isaac Davis, Staff Writer Waking Times Most people really have no idea how this country is legally constructed and how this affects our relationships with other nations in the world. So much of what we have been taught to believe about the so-called ‘democracy’ is utterly false, and in order to truly understand why things are the way they are, with so much debt, war and tyranny, you need to know these 30 facts. This list was compiled and edited by A. True Ott, PhD, and was originally posted at his site, here. In order to understand what is REALLY going on covertly, “behind … Continue reading 30 STARTLING AND LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT AMERICA

Americans grown fatter, shorter since 1999: US data

Julie Creffield, creator of the blog Too Fat to Run from London, runs in Central Park on November 2, 2018 in New York. (Photo by AFP) Americans have got fatter over the past two decades, adding girth to their bellies and even growing fractionally shorter on average, according to federal health data released Thursday. The report gave no specific reasons for the trends, which come as no surprise as the nation battles with an ongoing obesity epidemic and a record 40 percent of Americans are considered obese. Average weight, waist circumference, and body mass index (BMI) in adults have increased … Continue reading Americans grown fatter, shorter since 1999: US data

Who Wins When Cash Is No Longer King?

STEPHEN BRASHEAR / GETTY It won’t be the poor. by SIDNEY FUSSELL Of the most popular coffee shops in San Francisco’s Financial District, only one is manned by a robot. Every morning, in a glass-and-wood booth on the corner of One Bush Street, customers queue around a whirring hydraulic arm, waiting for it to serve them cappuccino. It’s an odd sight. Cafe X has three San Francisco locations, and all are cashless and fully automated, with orders taken via app. The one I pass on the way to work each morning is mere steps away from Amazon’s cashless Go store, … Continue reading Who Wins When Cash Is No Longer King?