A fairly fed world

Last year, 200 million children did not get enough to eat, yet it would be cheap and easy for the world to feed them all Sharman Apt Russell is the author of Hunger: An Unnatural History (2005) and Within Our Grasp: Childhood Malnutrition Worldwide and the Revolution Taking Place to End It (2021). Swing both arms up and clap your hands. Arms down and up. Clap! Down and up! Clap! You are singing all the while or, in my case, humming as I move my hips to the beat of the song and the clapping and dancing. Every once in a while, the beautiful … Continue reading A fairly fed world


The Russian leader’s invasion of Ukraine is founded on a false retelling of history. He’s not the only strongman revising the past. By Katie Stallard About the author: Katie Stallard is a senior editor for China and global affairs at The New Statesman, and a non-resident global fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. She is the author of Dancing on Bones: History and Power in China, Russia and North Korea. Sitting in the basement of a community center in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, listening to shells being dropped all around us, I watched as a young woman sought to explain the violence … Continue reading PUTIN ISN’T THE ONLY AUTOCRAT MISUSING HISTORY

The Midas Disease

Corruption is a truly global crisis and the wealth addiction that feeds it is hiding in plain sight by Sarah Chayes is the author of On Corruption in America: And What Is at Stake (2020), published in the UK as Everybody Knows: Corruption in America, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize winner Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security (2015) and The Punishment of Virtue: Inside Afghanistan After the Taliban (2006). In Kandahar, Afghanistan, in late 2001, I watched a girl of about nine strip a Kalashnikov rifle, inspect the bullets and reload the sound ones in a matter of minutes. That child lived in a … Continue reading The Midas Disease

Wellness culture is destroying our bodies and the planet

Despite what Instagram would have you believe, our dietary choices are not the leading cause of the climate crisis. By Scarlett Westbrook Over the last few months, I have been inundated with requests from various wellness and ‘healthy eating’ organisations to promote their products or schemes, usually centred around their ‘climate friendliness’. After an endless stream of messages from CEOs trying to get me to help them cash in on the climate guilt felt by many in our generation, I’m here to debunk the myths they are peddling. Message after message tells us that buying ‘climate friendly’ protein shakes or supporting … Continue reading Wellness culture is destroying our bodies and the planet


John W. Whitehead, Rutherford Waking Times “Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.”—George Carlin Cancel culture—political correctness amped up on steroids, the self-righteousness of a narcissistic age, and a mass-marketed pseudo-morality that is little more than fascism disguised as tolerance—has shifted us into an Age of Intolerance, policed by techno-censors, social media bullies, and government watchdogs. Everything is now fair game for censorship if it can be construed as hateful, hurtful, bigoted or offensive provided that it runs counter to the established viewpoint. In this way, the most controversial issues of our day—race, religion, sex, sexuality, politics, science, health, government … Continue reading THE AGE OF INTOLERANCE: CANCEL CULTURE’S WAR ON FREE SPEECH

The Psychology Of Impostor Syndrome & How To Actually Overcome It

By Carissa Begonia Imagine that you’ve just landed a new job. You successfully climbed up the next rung of the corporate ladder. You earned your seat at the table. As an ambitious career person, you’re excited and proud of yourself because you have arrived. But almost immediately as you sit down at that table, you begin to question yourself. You think, “Who am I to be leading this work?” You find yourself harboring feelings of insecurity and self-doubt, feeling like you’ve deceived people into letting you take on this position, and feeling shame in telling people about what you’re experiencing. You spin … Continue reading The Psychology Of Impostor Syndrome & How To Actually Overcome It

How to pray to a dead God

The modern world is disenchanted. God remains dead. But our need for transcendence lives on. How should we fulfil it? Ed Simon is a contributing editor for the History News Network and a staff writer at the literary site The Millions. His books include the anthology The God Beat: What Journalism Says about Faith and Why It Matters (2021), co-edited with Costica Bradatan; An Alternative History of Pittsburgh (2021); and Pandemonium: A Visual History of Demonology (forthcoming, 2022). He lives in Washington, DC. On an evening in 1851, a mutton-chopped 28-year-old English poet and critic looked out at the English Channel with his new bride. Walking … Continue reading How to pray to a dead God

Idealising the predator

How did certain French intellectuals get away with preying upon young girls, shamelessly, in public and over decades? Lily Dunn is a British writer of fiction and nonfiction. She is the author of the novel Shadowing the Sun (2008), and her essays have appeared in Granta. Her debut nonfiction, Sins of My Father: A Daughter, a Cult, a Wild Unravelling, is forthcoming in 2022. She is co-editor, with Zoe Gilbert, of A Wild and Precious Life: A Recovery Anthology (2020). She lives in the UK. In January 2020, Le consentement (Consent) by Vanessa Springora was published, a memoir exposé of Gabriel Matzneff, a well-known and much-respected French writer, … Continue reading Idealising the predator

No One Cares!

Our fears about what other people think of us are overblown and rarely worth fretting over. By Arthur C. Brooks Afriend of mine once shared what I considered a bit of unadulterated wisdom: “If I wouldn’t invite someone into my house, I shouldn’t let them into my head.” But that’s easier said than done. Social media has opened up our heads so that just about any trespasser can wander in. If you tweet whatever crosses your mind about a celebrity, it could quite possibly reach the phone in her hand as she sits on her couch in her house. The real problem … Continue reading No One Cares!

The oil and gas industry knew about climate change in the 1950s

Archival documents set the timeline of coverups even further back. BY BENJAMIN FRANTA/THE CONVERSATION  Four years ago, I traveled around America, visiting historical archives. I was looking for documents that might reveal the hidden history of climate change—and in particular, when the major coal, oil and gas companies became aware of the problem, and what they knew about it. I pored over boxes of papers, thousands of pages. I began to recognize typewriter fonts from the 1960s and ‘70s and marveled at the legibility of past penmanship, and got used to squinting when it wasn’t so clear. What those papers revealed … Continue reading The oil and gas industry knew about climate change in the 1950s