Looking backward can help you move forward: Research suggests nostalgia improves mental and emotional health

 by: Zoey Sky (Natural News) Indulging in nostalgia helps people remember happier times in their lives. According to several studies, reminiscing about the past also offers several benefits for your emotional well-being and overall health. According to a series of studies, which were published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2015, nostalgia gives you insight into your authentic self. Nostalgia also gives individuals a greater sense of meaning in their lives. Krystine Batcho, a professor of psychology at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York, explained that individuals who are high in nostalgia are able to cope with difficult situations in healthier ways. If you … Continue reading Looking backward can help you move forward: Research suggests nostalgia improves mental and emotional health

What is Mental Abuse?

by Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC Brenda knew something was wrong in her marriage to Bill, but she was unable to put her finger on what. She felt like she was abused but he never hit her, so she minimized and even dismissed any warning indicators that something else was off. She was intentionally exploited by her husband; endured regular insults and rejection, alternating with affirmation; and felt manipulated into doing or saying something out of character. Abuse is not just physical. There are many other forms of abuse, such as sexual, financial, emotional, mental, and verbal. While some of the … Continue reading What is Mental Abuse?

Sutta Study: Ill

https://tricy.cl/2DjLRrZ In the Gilana Sutta, the Buddha offers a potent teaching on impermanence to an ailing and distressed monk. By Peter Doobinin This article is part of Trike Daily’s Sutta Study series, led by Insight meditation teacher Peter Doobinin. The suttas, found in the Pali Canon, comprise the discourses the historical Buddha gave during his 45 years of teaching. Rather than philosophical tracts, the suttas are a map for dharma practice. In this series, we’ll focus on the practical application of the teachings in our day-to-day lives. In the Gilana Sutta, the Buddha gives a concise teaching about the impermanent nature of human … Continue reading Sutta Study: Ill


And all your other most pressing questions for adult film legend Tasha Reign by Tasha Reign Every day, porn star and University of Southern California journalism grad student Tasha Reign wakes up to a curious string of emails from her fans, a devoted group of men and women she lovingly refers to as “Reigndeer.” Said Reigndeer ask her questions — so many questions — about her perspectives on sex, love, relationships and life itself, and as someone who’s had more firsthand experience in these areas than four average adult women combined, she’s become uniquely up to the task of answering them. Every … Continue reading DO PORN STARS ACTUALLY ENJOY SEX ON SET, OR ARE THEY JUST PRETENDING?

The woman subject

Detail from Group of Three Girls (1911), Egon Schiele. Courtesy the Albertina Museum, Vienna There is more that unites than divides analytic and continental feminist philosophies – not least efforts to define ‘woman’ by Georgia Warnke is distinguished professor of political science and director of the Center for Ideas and Society at the University of California, Riverside. She is the author of Debating Sex and Gender (2010). She lives in California. Edited by Sam Dresser Although academic philosophy divides itself into continental and analytic strands, it is not entirely clear how this division is meant to work. For one thing, it pits a continent against … Continue reading The woman subject


(Credit: Getty Images) BY MARLA BROADFOOT-DUKE In a new study,researchers found that to knock you out, different anesthesia drugs hijack the neural circuitry that makes you fall sleep. The discovery of general anesthesia 170 years ago was a medical miracle, enabling millions of patients to undergo invasive, life-saving surgeries without pain. General anesthesia drugs induce unconsciousness by activating a tiny cluster of cells at the base of the brain called the supraoptic nucleus (shown in red), while the rest of the brain remains in a mostly inactive state (blue). (Credit: Duke) For the study, which appears in Neuron, researchers traced this neural … Continue reading WE FINALLY KNOW HOW GENERAL ANESTHESIA WORKS

Why Are Girls Getting Their Periods So Young?

Credit: Getty Images Female puberty is starting earlier and earlier, with worrying consequences for women’s health By Virginia Sole-Smith | Scientific American Three weeks before her eighth birthday, Josie got her period at school. Magen, her mother, stopped at a drugstore for supplies before picking up her daughter. In the tampon aisle, she found a shelf of “tween” menstrual pads promising to “fit smaller bodies.” She remembers thinking, “How does this even exist as a product?” Magen was heartbroken that her seven-year-old was menstruating but not completely surprised. She had begun to notice her daughter’s body odor when Josie was six. By the … Continue reading Why Are Girls Getting Their Periods So Young?